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And since this really only requires two ingredients chicken and salsa , you can wrap it up in a tortilla, put it atop quinoa, or serve with avocado as the final ingredient.

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If you have time, add some veggies to complete the meal. The secret recipe to this awesome grilled chicken? Soy sauce, honey, and smashed garlic. It tastes great on chicken, but it also tastes great glazed over salmon or shrimp. Simply combine Italian dressing and soy sauce to marinate this delicious chicken.

52 Quick & Easy School Lunch Ideas to Pack for Your Kids

Just check the ingredients of the dressing — it can pack in a lot of sugar — or make your own for an even healthier version. It cooks down to a sweet, thick sauce similar to Chinese sauces — but is much healthier. When comfort food cravings hit on cold winter days, cook up some ground beef and add a can of chili beans and fresh canned tomatoes. This awesome beef dip goes great with veggies, toast, or tossed in a salad.

Make a big batch so you can use the leftovers as a healthy snack. Rubs are an excellent and super-simple way to infuse meat with loads of flavor. Garlic, thyme, and olive oil lend a classic, herby taste to your roast. Great for those meat and potatoes nights, this marinade balances savory and sweet, and works for any cut of steak. A fancy-looking peanut butter and bacon panini?

Sign us up. This is a Snapchat-worthy recipe that only takes a few minutes to put together. In addition to tasting great on sandwiches, Dijon mustard is a flavorful addition to any marinade. This recipe uses Dijon with orange juice and Cajun seasoning for pork that has a unique citrusy kick. Gnocchi might be hard to pronounce , but this recipe is easy to make.

Just throw in some spinach and sausage for a quick and light Italian-inspired meal. Feel free to add lots of spices and chopped veggies if you have more time. Three ingredients and one pot are all you need for this healthy, melty dinner.

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Can it get any better? This easy recipe will make you feel like a chef, and, oh yeah, it only takes six minutes to cook! White Cheddar Baked Corn. Dip, casserole, whatever. It's GOOD. Nantucket Corn Pudding. Corny in a good way. Cooking fish in these foil packs is a total cinch. Alexa Payesko.

Slow-Cooker Corn Chowder. Corn chowder is so much better when it's cooked low and slow. John Komar. Cowboy Corn Casserole. Cheese and corn are a match made in heaven. Venture south of the border for dinner with these minute stuffed peppers. BBQ Power Bowls. These healthy bbq bowls have pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.

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  • Grilled Corn Salsa. With tangy lime and sweet basil, this grilled corn salsa couldn't be more perfect for summer. Campfire Corn Dog Dip. You won't be able to stop. Zucchini Corn Cakes. Joe Spit. Caprese Corn Salad.

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    Go crazy for caprese this summer. Santa Fe Corn Salad. It is filled with lots of dinner recipes and tips on how to get kids to eat more greens, lunchbox ideas, snacks and fun desserts.

    And also some comforting thoughts for days when bowls are left untouched and food end up tossed on the floor. You can read more about the book here. Green Pancakes — Three Ways.

    Vegetable Flatbreads. These colorful flatbreads are quick to make, have only 3 ingredients well kind of, if you are not counting salt or pepper with the main one We make these tasty patties using leftover cooked quinoa. They are great in a burger bun, but most of the time we add them to bowls Turmeric Breakfast Muffins.

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    We have had an unusually intense relationship with these muffins for the past couple of months. Different varieties of them have been We wrote this guide after having traveled six months in the US and Asia together with our daughter Elsa, who only was six months when we boarded our first plane.

    Since then, we have explored South Africa, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka with our other kids and have learned a few tricks how to keep them happy, calm and safe. Join the fun!