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    Strangers On A Train Strangers series 1. Page Turner. Slut Scout Ashley. Broken Arrow. Lies Behind Doors. Steven Zelko. Crittenden, a father of three, was 60 when he seduced Miss Beddeson, 11 years his senior, on their third meeting. Crittenden's grooming of Miss Beddeson was mirrored in his exploitation a decade earlier of Miss Griffiths. He took absolute control over her finances, while she even moved from Pontypool, south Wales, to Pershore, near Worcester, so she could be closer to him.

    She also gave him her two-year-old car when his was damaged. The couple embarked on an affair which was to last 13 years conducted on afternoon visits to her home and in hotels, mainly Travel Lodges, when he was away on business. On one occasion Mrs Crittenden caught them together in her bed but apparently turned a blind eye to yet another of her husband's affairs.

    Miss Griffiths was so desperate for affection that she refused to believe her lover was a liar and a cheat and only ended the relationship shortly before Crittenden's arrest. She learned a number of painful home truths at his trial. These included Crittenden's references to finding interludes when it might be convenient to "service" her.

    The Jaded Aesthete

    In court she cut a pitiful image of a woman betrayed. Twisting a handkerchief between her fingers, her shoulders trembling, Miss Griffiths confessed she had not "the faintest idea" how much of her savings she had handed to Crittenden. She assumed he was investing most of it on her behalf, but knew that some had gone to help him, his relatives or his business associates. Asked why she had paid this money, she replied: "Mr Crittenden asked me if I would. I just felt sorry for him. Crittenden "guaranteed" the loans himself, promising in each of a series of documents "to make good any default".

    Silver-haired seducer kept Viagra in his overnight bag - Telegraph

    His coup de grace came in November when he persuaded her to leave her entire estate to him. That will has now been changed. Anne Roy-Barker, who rebuffed Crittenden's sexual advances, said last night: "Had the tables been turned, and it was Gwyneth, rather than Joan Beddeson, who had started asking questions, then who knows? It might have been her he murdered. Mrs Roy-Barker, 60, a psychotherapist who lives near Portsmouth, recalled identifying Crittenden as a shameless womaniser on their first meeting. He kissed her full on the lips when Miss Griffiths introduced him, and soon afterwards suggested they share a hotel room.

    She declined, saying: "You've got a wife and a mistress. What do you want with me? She tried in vain to convince Miss Griffiths that she was simply one of a number of women that Crittenden was seeing "up and down the country".