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With what skill he sets forth his reasons for undertaking the defence of Murena, when he says that he supported Sulpicius' candidature as opposed to that of Murena, but did not regard that preference as reason why he should support him in bringing a capital charge against his rival!

Further, we should have good cause for speaking thus and must do so not merely with moderation, but also give the impression that our action is due to the necessities of the case. Cicero spoke in defence of Gabinius and Publius Vatinius, both of them his deadly enemies and men against whom he had previously spoken and even published his speeches: but he justifies himself by declaring that he does so not because he is anxious for his reputation as an accomplished speaker, but because he is concerned for his honour.

But he excuses his action with the utmost grace, alleging the importunity of those persons who had brought Scamander to him, and his own youth at the time, whereas it would have been a serious blot on his reputation, especially in connexion with a case of the most dubious character, if he had admitted that he was one who was ready to undertake the defence of guilty persons without asking awkward questions.

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In such circumstances the method commonly adopted is to say that we should not have ventured to dispute his sentence before any other judge, since he alone would be justified in revising it: but and in this we must be guided by the circumstances of the case we may allege that certain facts were not known on the previous occasion or certain witnesses were unavailable, or, though this must be advanced with the utmost caution and only in the last resort, that our clients' advocates were unequal to their task.

But if there is no excuse available, penitence is our only hope. For the man who is converted to the hatred of his own errors, may perhaps be regarded as sufficiently reformed. We may also plausibly suggest that there is some particularly shameful feature in the character of the harlot married by the son, which the father cannot under existing circumstances tolerate.

For what should he do but groan and weep and curse his existence, so that the judge will understand his grief rather than hear it articulately expressed? What fate could be more cruel than that the children of men of good birth and the descendants of distinguished ancestors should be excluded from participation in public life? For this reason that supreme artist in playing on the minds of men admits that it is hard, but asserts that the constitution is so essentially dependent on the laws of Sulla, that their repeal would inevitably involve its destruction.

Thus he succeeded in creating the impression that he was discovering something on behalf of those very persons against whom he spoke. But at times our duty toward our client will force us to say something on the general character of a whole class of people, such as freedmen, soldiers, tax-farmers or the like. Or, if we censure them for insolence, we shall add that this quality is due to the fact that they are more accustomed to war than to peace.

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In the case of freedmen we should disparage their influence: but we may also give them credit for the industry which secured their emancipation. When he intends to disparage the credibility of Greek witnesses he admits their distinction in learning and literature and professes his admiration for their nation. And there are a large number of cases where we should attempt to defeat our opponents by reasoning, which forms the gentlest of all methods of attack.

We cannot weigh or measure our words by fixed standards: they are like foods, some of which are more satisfying than others. For instance, there is one passage 54 in Cicero where he writes that the best style is that which we think we can easily acquire by imitation, but which we find is really beyond our powers. But in another passage 55 he says that his aim was not to speak in such a manner that everyone should be confident that he could do the same, but rather in a style that should be the despair of all.

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The difference is due to the fact that cases differ in character. Those of minor importance are admirably suited by the simplicity and negligence of unaffected language, whereas cases of greater moment are best suited by the grand style. Cicero is pre-eminent in both.

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Now while eminence in one of these styles may seem to the unexperienced to be within their grasp, those who understand know that they are capable of eminence in neither. Appius Caecus, his ancestor, the great senator, who secured the rejection of the terms of Pyrrhus.

See V.

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It is said that poison was provided by the state of Massilia to serve the turn of such unhappy persons, so soon as they could convince the local senate that their proposed suicide was justifiable. Asprenas was defended by Pollio, and supported by Augustus during his trial. The father disinherits the son for an alleged offence. Sasia was Cluentius' mother.

Oppius, quaestor to M. Aurelius Cotta in Bithynia, was charged by Cotta in a letter to the Senate with misappropriation of supplies for his troops and with an attempt on his life. The centumviral court dealt mainly with cases of inheritance. But he admitted that their case was hard and suggested that it was better for them to live in an orderly state than run the risks in which revolution would involve them as well as others. In this and the next passage Quintilian does not quote, but paraphrases.

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Details here. Classical Texts.

There are insights into what they were all thinking. We see that action of dipping the piece of bread into the dish so as to identify…. David Wilmot's Blog. Blog at WordPress.

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Words are sometimes harsher than acts. You hear them once, you hear them twice, and when you hear them a third time…. Haig Aivazian b. Using performance, video, drawing, installation and sculpture, his work weaves together personal and geo-political, micro and macro narratives in its search for ideological loopholes and short circuits.

History is not just entangled in sports, but also treated like a match, with freeze frames, replays and reverse angles. Here, the notion of time is malleable: the decades separating the release of two models of coveted basketball sneakers can be condensed into a frantic instant where two shoes are hurriedly thrown at an occupying president. These captured moments mark points of analysis that activate the spectator and hero alike, bringing the previously anonymous to the fore and making intimate the distant landscapes of spectacle often utilized in both the political and sports arenas.

These arenas serve as a theater — a space where desires, violence, escapism, and the human condition are endlessly played out without the pretense of imaginary consequences. This landscape is where the works take their evocative form, revealing fleeting lapses in the standard perception of events and forming new investigative relationships.