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I can't say much without giving away some big things, but I can say it will be longer than the original and possess actual 4-player co-op within the story. The picture shows artwork of Mario alongside a small fairy-like companion fighting against Bowser and the woman from the previous image. I don't know the exact details of this new game's plot yet, but I do know it will begin with Bowser discovering a piece of Star Road, which contains a cosmic genie that joins his side. Rest assured, 6 and 7 will be just as long as Rise of Shadow.

The picture shows a similar split image to past polls. On the left side is a picture of Mario and Link fighting against a horde of Primids, while the right side shows Kirby and Samus looking at a strange map. By a vote of , Trophies have been replaced with Journals! A minor thing, but a big change nonetheless. Now for a big poll- the story mode design. The picture simply shows Mario in his paper form standing in a black room, standing alongside Luigi, Peach and Bowser. Standing across from the four is a strange woman-like figure that seems to be made entirely out of pink mist.

So the game went from 15 DLC packs to 5 longer ones. Now, in order to tell the huge story I've been meaning to create the entire time, I'm turning it into a trilogy of games, Rise of Shadow being the first of the 3. The picture shows Evi in battle with three strange clockwork robotic enemies, which are wielding strange swords. Interestingly, Evi herself seems to be wielding a similar sword in place of her magic rod. Back in Wind Waker, Link could temporarily use the weapons of his fallen enemies.

Looks like Evi's picked up a few things The big difference now is that, thanks to the enchanted Sheikah Pouch, Evi can keep her stolen weapons for an infinite amount of time- or at least until she runs out of room in the pouch. The picture shows Mario and Luigi on the new Battlefield stage, staring at a strange pink orb hovering between them. For one, she's a human. Thirdly, she actually has a unique series icon. This new Hero is Dono, and he is a very strange Hero indeed. He has the lowest attack of any hero, but the highest HP and defense, referencing his bases, Sandbag and Wobbuffet.

Dono's specials do not fill as he attacks, unlike most Heroes. Instead, they fill as HE is attacked, but as a result, his specials are noticeably more powerful, ranging from waves of healing to powerful blasts of energy. All in all, Dono is a character literally built for survivability. The picture shows off a menu labeled "Powers", with three smaller tabs listed "Offensive", "Defensive", and "Strategic". The Offensive tab is marked by a red stick figure-like drawing firing a laser, the Defensive tab by a blue stick figure surrounded by a shield, and the Strategic tab by a green stick figure teleporting forward.

Anyways, powers in LoUJ are divided into these three categories. Offensive powers are those purely dedicated to laying a beatdown, such as laser vision or fire breath. Defensive powers are more all-around abilities such as invulnerability or mind-reading. Finally, Strategic powers are those not used in combat, such as flight and Xray vision. The picture shows Evi standing in a field next to a strange statue made out of blue crystal, which vaguely resembles a more realistic variant on the Goddess Statues from Wind Waker.

Meet the item known as the Traveler's Light. This relic is a special item used by the Sheikah, and is one of the objects Evi starts her journey with. The Traveler's Light acts much like an improved version of Farore's Wind, letting Evi set a warp point anywhere in the world she wishes, then return to it later. The picture shows artwork of Mario and Luigi ramming into each other inside newly-designed karts.

Peach lags behind the two holding a Red Shell, while Bowser follows her while glaring. Anyways, Mario Kart P will be more or less a practice game to see if I can come up with halfway decent stages- there are going to be 10 cups with no retro courses. Wish me luck! The picture shows Mario standing next to a Toad in armor wielding a spear and shield inside a strange temple-like area.

Next to the Toad is a new power-up, which resembles a strange green pinwheel with eyes. Most new power-ups involve the wind-controlling mechanics given to the Mario Bros. By jumping while dashing, the player spins into a powerful tornado, which glides along the wind created by the player. These two bad boys control the balance of nature and technology, and usually don't do much The picture shows off another dual split similar to the last polls. The picture on the left shows a trophy of a Goomba, while the picture on the left shows the Goomba next to a piece of lined paper.

Thanks to the last vote, Smash Y is now a combination of Melee and Brawl! Taking the former's advanced speed and physics, while making everything more casual for newcomers and to force the competitive community to embrace the vast selection of content, the game will be a true Smash Bros. This next poll is kinda weird. I came up with Journals- essentially they are Trophies, but every description is written from the perspective of a different character.

Should the normal Trophies return, or will the more personal Journals replace them? The picture shows Pit flying away from a large horde of Monoeyes alongside a new winged scorpion-like enemy. Interestingly, he seems to be holding a new weapon variant that resembles a shield. A little thing tonight. This game has several new weapon types, one of which is the Barrier. Barriers are enchanted shields that up Pit's defense, but lower his speed. The picture shows off the new player characters for the game, referred to as Xavier and Yvonne.

There also appears to be a strange silhouette of another character behind the two children. As such, most old characters have new roles, but Calem and Serena are a bit different Xavier and Yvonne here are their kids. The picture shows a screenshot of the new Support menu. The current list is of a character named Echo, and three supports have been unlocked for characters known as Arthur, Cerina, and Maxwell.

More sprites can be seen, but they are blacked out and their names are listed as??? Support conversations return from previous Fire Emblem games, but now there's a new addition Z-level supports! If a boy and a girl gain enough support, they will eventually reach S-level, in which case they have a child which works differently in this game- but more on that later.

However, if two boys or two girls get enough support, they will reach the new Z-level. This was made kind of in response to the outcry about Awakening not having homosexual relationships, but it's a bit more complicated, as a single character can have one S-level and one Z-level support. The picture shows a menu screenshot, with some icons pixelated out so they remains non-visible.

The remaining two icons show the normal Smash mode and a new mode called Alternating Smash. Well, here's a cool but slightly odd new mode known as Alternating Smash! In this mode, all battles are set to stock, and you can pick multiple characters for one stock each! There are two variants on this, Streamlined and On The Fly.

In Streamlined, you pick one character per allowed stock before entering combat- you cannot use a character more than once, so try mixing things up! On the Fly is a little different, as you only pick one character to start off with- but when you die, a character select screen appears on the Pyrohedron touch screen. You then have 5 seconds to choose your next character, so be quick before you get stuck with a random one!

The picture shows Luigi standing in a foyer in front of a treasure chest. He is holding a strange hexagonal ceramic piece with a lightning bolt design on it, and the picture additionally shows off a new design for the Poltergust. While it keeps Dark Moon's multiple mansions, there are no longer missions, so players are free to roam around the mansions as they please. As such, the method of gaining new abilities is much like the original game as well, so the Elemental Medals return.

This is a new medal known as the Spark Medal, which lets Luigi fire bolts of lightning from the Poltergust. Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone! I was attending a robotics tournament with my team. Although we didn't win, we did make it to the quarterfinals out of over 2, teams worldwide, so I'm feeling happy. Next up is the next poll- should the game focus more on competitive or casual play? While the game is using Melee physics, most of the features are designed for casual people no Final Destination, all wavedash lengths are equal regardless of character, etc.

The first trailer begins in a small mining town on an unknown planet. The town seems to have been ransacked by something, as most buildings are destroyed and no people seem to be around. I was born in a small mining town in a relatively barren star system, where there was little to no defense from anything hostile. The creature, revealed to be a Space Pirate, continues searching through the ruined settlement.

He eventually hears crying and sets out to find the source, and comes across a small baby girl. Maybe it was because I was a defenseless child, or maybe they had other plans. I've done things I'm not very proud of, but through good times and bad, they were there for me. The pirate eventually runs into a giant ship, where a large winged creature that appears to be Ridley glares at him. A game logo then appears for Metroid: Project S. The second trailer starts with a shot of a large mansion, lit by a massive full moon. The camera pans inside to a small room with a fireplace, which glows with blue flames before a small red ghost pops out.

The ghost floats over to a drawer, pulling out clothing before grabbing a gold bar hidden in the drawer. The ghost attempts to flee with his treasure, but a flash of light stuns him. As he rubs his eyes, a vortex forms around him, eventually sucking him into a strange vacuum-like device. The vacuum spits out the gold bar as the wielder of the strange device picks it up, then walks off, whistling to himself. A game logo then appears for Luigi's Mansion: Ghost Universe.

The picture reveals Sonic and Dillon standing next to each other in the new design for the Battlefield stage, mirroring the introduction of Dillon from SSB4. Looks like a familiar situation here, doesn't it? Well, things have been a little reversed here- because Dillon has replaced Sonic as a new fighter! Dillon's moveset, like Sonic's, is based around spinning and general speed, but he puts a bit more SPIN on things than his predecessor did har har. Dillon is less based around pure speed and more on defense, being able to toss dynamite, summon defense towers, and even dig underground to dodge attacks.

In exchange, he's not as blisteringly fast as Sonic. As for Sonic's appearance? When summoned, he performs a lightning-fast combo on nearby opponents, which, while it deals little damage, is good for softening up the enemy- or trapping them in place to get off that fully charged projectile This one is relatively old and was on hold for a while, but now that Fire Emblem if is in the works, I decided to get back on to it.

Not much has been done so far, but I will say one of the big new things is alchemy, which leads to both new weapons and a lot of the plot. The picture shows Klaus and his female companion fighting against a large monster that resemble the Nebula enemies from the original Xenoblade Chronicles, showing off the first true battle scene so far. Notably, this scene shows off Klaus's Talent Art, Ammunition Switch, as well as its description: "Switch ammunition to gain different Art effects.

Battles in Xenolight are a combination of those in the original game and Xenoblade X, but primarily the first game.

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Each character has unique arts that run on cooldown, aisde from Talent Arts, which fill up with normal attacks. Not much today- I just wanted to do something small. The picture shows off the previously revealed fighter Hoopa battling veteran Smasher Pikachu on a currently unknown stage.

He has a lot of moves in common with former Smasher Mewtwo- in fact, Hoopa steals a lot of his neutral moves, as well as his Confusion side special. Look closer, however, and competitive players will notice a massive amount of differences- the biggest of which being Hoopa's neutral special, Hyperspace Hole. Using the move summons rings, which act as portals between each other.

This makes Hoopa truly amazing at catching people off guard- and since the rings can float, he makes a relatively good edge-guarder as well. Just note that other players can use the rings as well- even though they do take a little damage by doing so! The picture shows a battlefield with two tanks. One has a large cannon on its back, while the other has a radiator-like device.

Superweapons are a customization part for vehicles in Arc, and there are a LOT of them. The two pictured here- the Tesla Cannon and Medicrowave- show off the diversity of these weapons- the Tesla Cannon fires a powerful blast, while the Medicrowave heals allies. Well, the last poll ended rather awkwardly Anyways, due to lack of votes, both Princess Shroob and Dark Bowser are joining the smash!

But I haven't decided on what generation to represent. So, I once again ask for your decision! One resembles a fusion between Zygarde and Xerneas, while the other resembles a fusion between Zygarde and Yveltal. The picture shows art of Zygarde next to two strands of DNA that resemble the Mega Evolution symbol, one red, one blue. Two mysterious silhouettes stand next to the DNA strands. The picture shows a male player character standing inside what appears to be the game's first Gym.

The theme seems to be Rock-type, and it takes on the appearance of a sandy playground-like area with rocks sticking out of the ground. Kids are playing on the various objects, and an elderly man seems to be sitting atop the highest point in the Gym. Sid is the region's former champion, and now dedicates his time to training the children of the region to become great trainers. His Gym is simple enough, but watch out for the more obnoxious kids Sorry for being gone so long, guys!

I've had robotics stuff for the past few days, so I haven't been able to update. So, without futher ado Additionally, a glimpse of the story mode is revealed, showing a "Shadow Victini" being used by a mysterious new trainer to fight against Red and Misty. The first picture is of Mythikal, with Mitha standing in front of a strange stone.

The stone is marked with an A similar to the one in the amiibo logo, made out of crystals. Mythikal is compatible with amiibo. There are no special figures created for the game, but all amiibo created for Super Smash Bros. Upon scanning an amiibo, a special Myth is created. This unfortunately erases the SSB4 data, so be careful. The second picture is of both gender variants of Mitha standing on Super Smash Bros. Y's Battlefield stage, with Homna floating between them. Mitha has become a new Smasher in the first true game in the Pyro Nintenverse!

Mitha even has a similar gender swap-based costume set to Robin! The picture shows Aaron and Christina walking down a street in a large city. It appears to be much larger than their hometown of Youngford, and the buildings seem to be made of a strange black marble-like material. A few NPCs are walking around, and one seems to be running a hot dog cart of sorts. The world of Mother U is just as strange and varied as the past games.

The city of Adoleci is no exception. This food salesman is no mere NPC, either. He's the Super Fabulous Cooking Guy, a world-famous celebrity. Give him food items, and he'll cook up more powerful food with enhanced abilities. Of course, delisauce could have a similar effect The picture shows a similar image to the last poll- two separate pictures divided by a red line. The picture on the left shows a slightly redesigned Princess Shroob attacking Mario with a cloud of poison, while the picture on the right shows Dark Bowser grabbing and throwing his normal counterpart.

With a win, countering has gone from something only certain people could do to a fully-fledged maneuver for all characters! The next poll is for a character that will represent to Mario and Luigi series- in villain form. You can be safe in knowing that, even though both of these characters look like clones, they are not. Not by any stretch of the imagination. So, who will join the Smash next? Ruthless Invader Princess Shroob? Or Dark Entity Dark Bowser? The picture shows Aaron and Christina sitting inside a small cafe, decorated with Easter-based objects. The two are simply drinking coffee, and there are a few other NPCs inside the cafe.

There is also a strange jukebox in the corner that appears broken and has the letters D, B, and U on it- two other letters are obscured by dirt. This shot of a game I haven't done in a while is from the game's Drifter Cafe, a rest stop for travelers of all kinds. The location is unique among the game's locations, as it actually gets decorated for holidays depending on the system's internal clock.

That jukebox also serves a purpose. Only players who truly go and see everything the game has to offer will be able to access it. The picture shows Link walking through a tunnel with Zelda at his side. The picture has two variants, one with a small Link head icon next to four hearts, the other with a Zelda head icon. Thanks to the addition of partners, this game just got a lot more puzzle potential. I've come up with a lot of dungeon and boss ideas, but oddly enough, they all seem to revolve around the partners more than dungeon items.

As shown here, you aren't limited to playing as Link. You can switch between characters at any time, and as Link, a wheel-like glyph is shown at the bottom screen. Fiddling with this enables you to switch out partners on the fly, making later dungeons even more varied. GigaDirects will hopefully not be common, but if I'm ever gone for extended periods of time, you can expect one of these to pop up.

They will contain noticeably more info than usual, and are often accompanies by a fake trailer. First off, massive character reveal for Super Smash Bros. Next, a little trailer for a redeveloped version of my old Luck of The Draw game, now known as Lucky Break. The title is the least changed thing, believe me. The trailer opens with a perfectly calm lake. The camera zooms in, revealing a small wooden boat with three people in it- a young boy with blue leather clothing, a muscular man wearing green armor, and a teenage girl wearing red witch's clothing.

The three seems to simply be sitting, not responding to anything around them. The picture shows two separate scenes divided by a red line, both of which show Marth fighting against Kirby. While one picture shows Kirby guarding against one of Marth's attacks, the other shows Kirby performing a forward smash attack, with the heartbeat effect used in SSB4's counter attacks.

Well, the results of the last poll showed a clear preference towards Midna as a playable character over Zant, so the Twilight Princess is joining the Smash! Art will come soon. I was asking a more competitive friend of mine on why, despite maining Marth, he never countered.

He stated that it felt a bit cheap for certain characters to have the powerful maneuver, and that it would feel a lot more fair if all characters were capable of countering. This got me thinking. Should certain characters have counters built into their moveset? The picture shows Ema standing in a park in the middle of the night, completely alone.

She is crouching on the ground as her chest glows various colors, and various people wearing black robes are surrounding her. I'm trying to make Heart to Heart a bit darker than my usual stuff. The Cardiarium are one aspect of this- typically cults dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the human heart through multiple sacrifices isn't something I do.

Likewise, Ema's powers aren't typical superpowers. They physically hurt her if she doesn't give complete control of her body to one of her personas. She can even be seen crying in scenes like this where her powers go out of control- understandable when her heart has been replaced with a magical artifact with unknown potential. The picture shows a slightly redesigned Austyn hovering in a multicolored void, his hands glowing with purple energy.

One hand is generating a shield of psychic energy, while the other is holding one of his signature drumstick weapons. Dark tentacles stretching from the sides of the screen suggest Austyn is fighting a monster of some kind. I entered the Series Swap contest and got The Psychic as my result. While the original version played out like a normal RPG, this spin-off, titled Psychostorm, plays a bit differently.

Don't worry- the crossover aspects of the series are still intact. As for the story- let's just say it involves a more traumatic version of Austyn gaining his powers. The picture simply shows a black screen with a pink sillouette of a girl. A bracelet on her hand seems to be glowing unusually brightly, giving off a white glare. Behold an upcoming project. Primarily the magical girl-type stuff, as you may be able to tell Do not attempt to waltz without a partner.

Do not smoke an imaginary cigarette. Not only will you look silly and stupid they might lock you up if you persist in your behavior. However, there are a few things you can get away with. You can and must throw caution to the wind especially when the teeth of the wind is at your back and caution is standing in front of you making nasty comments about your family. Two little old ladies out for a stroll along a country road at sunset. And as I flash past they look into my eyes and see the other end of the gangplank.

They look into my eyes and see the spinning blade of my chainsaw soul. I am constantly amazed by the garbage that idiots toss from their car windows because I know they would never toss all this crap in their own backyards. I refuse to pick it up. Even on one self-designated road I will not begin to be their janitor. The back of my bike would be sagging with bulging garbage bags. I would disappear behind a mountain of beer cans, pop bottles burger bags and cigarette packs. How could I ignore them?

You get the picture. I held a gun to his head. He was on his knees trembling with fear. I pulled the trigger The bullet blew his brains out the back of his skull. Brought along a D harp today. Held it up in the north wind as I pedaled straight into it. Got a nice D major chord going, got it up to my ear. No human could play that long. I rejoiced in the harvest and I gathered spilled grains of wheat on the road with my hands and brought them home and put them in a bowl by the door to honor the spirits of the earth.

You never can tell about them. I still like This Road especially with the wind at my back and the sun in my eyes and my hands reaching all the way down thru the handlebars into the front tire where my fingers can almost touch the black top. And as soon as these words are out of my mouth lo and behold a convoy of bulldozers back hoes, shovels and rollers plus a troop of men comes swarming over the hill. When I reach the top I look back and there below in the dip of the road a brand new wooden bridge spans the drainage ditch.

Phantom American bombers from W. Two destroyed the bridge last night also wiping out a phantom battalion of their own troops. Then a phantom of the U. Army Corps of Engineers moved in and restored the drainage ditch to its original form according to the antique codes in the authentic style of late 18th century grills. I hop over it, hit high gear and head for the top of the hill. I still like this road a lot. Good place to come when I feel like crying. Ride back out into the bright sunlight thumbing snot into the slipstream of the hard north wind with my soul purified and my heart beating in the right direction again.

The next time I saw the dog he was riding a bicycle. He wanted to have leg muscles like mine. Back on This Road coasting down the hill from the south ahead in the dip I see the bridge that spans the drainage ditch with planks of carved oak. I fly over it like a moon-shot monkey. Look back over my shoulder. No bridge. Just that rusted, busted grill over the drainage ditch.

I imagined it all. You can actually see This Road over there to the west. You can see the barn. You can see the fence posts. French speakers? As for those tokes of wonder weed in the wayside chapel consider them burnt offerings to the goddess Our Lady of Sorrow. A hunting dog in the middle of a beet field comes over and sniffs at me. Dog Sniff Death Row? On Dog Sniff Death Row. Where did you grown up? Dog Sniff Death Row. Where do you live today? You can put on the dog you can take off the fat you can stick in the mud of green greasy dollars. I biked past the Borg again it was still there Jesus fart in heaven what did I expect?

Headwind, tailwind they all even out they become the same sail on the tail rejoice in the head. There is no Teaching No 7. You already know it. In the dark. Never leave your bike where wild animals can get at it The most untamed beast of all is, of course, the human brat He comes in all sizes from Peanutbrat to Geezerbrat. If push comes to shove with the Peanut Brats snarl loudly and show them your fangs.

The bicycle is a musical instrument. And the only time you can hear it is when your mind wanders. The phenomena of man and machine occupying the same shifting spots of space at the same time or if you prefer the delicious discontinuous blend of bone and metal grease and blood and air everywhere inside and out. Each breath you take could be your last. Bicycles do not have a monopoly on this morsel of knowledge. You can learn it while operating a power drill with one hand and a chain saw with the other. You can learn it playing poker with guys with guns.

You can learn it in a bar dancing with a pound Mexican whore while her jealous husband watches from the shadows honing his knife blade on his belt and she, pointing to the room upstairs, reminds you that no less than 14 men have died in her arms including her 6 previous husbands. This lesson can also be taught by a guy named Gus who drives a school bus and chortles with glee each and everytime he swerves out of the way to smash a rabbit or a skunk a chipmunk or a squirrel a dog or a cat a frog or a toad into the tarmac while his busload of kids scream with delight each time a tire bumps over a lump of squirming meat.

There is no fall out here on the farm roads out here in the cold wind riding directly into the setting sun blinded by the light riding into some kind of resurrection. Leaving heading south into French-speaking Hesbaye why am I in a hurry? I climb south into the Hesbaye and when I emerge from the cool, steep tunnel of trees and rise above the high banks I find the sun perched on the horizon half down its arc of light like a neon sign at a burger joint next to the church in the distant village. Besides I still consider myself the most dangerous animal around.

Last day of June Who said that? See what I mean? It just crept up out of the wheat field and jumped into my lap. The Notebook Gate. Chemin Des Parapluies. Elderly elegant ladies strolling in the rain, in the hot sun, Jack jumping out from the corn knee high and snatching them umbrellas away. Nobody in sight. I wanted that. Just a leaky airplane up there above the clouds a million and a half betraves a broken soccer ball a mile of sunshine a graveyard a hedgerow with sparrows and a tree full of songbirds but not a crow in sight. It was a big black SUV the driver had his door open and his naked legs propped thru the open window and from the passenger side drifted the aroma of sweet perfume and a few strings of a romantic melody.

I know what it was. It was a bordello. A cat house on wheels. Special service for midgets [High Point] I left my bottle of water down on Chemin Des Parapluies last stop when my pen ran out of ink and I had to delve into my kit bag for a fresh one, then the rolling bordello rolled by and I forgot to pick up the bottle so now the Chemin has everything including a whore house and a drink of water [High Point]. I came back and got the bottle. My 75cl Vittel with the squirt pointed top that I never use it was still there I could see it from a hundred meters away from the crossroad as an elegant elderly lady on a bicycle turned in from the side road and disappeared down Chemin Des Parapluies.

There it was standing up straight on the paving stone edge in a pale of sunlight how many people had passed it by?

See a Problem?

It has a name. Rue Cinq Bonniers. What does that mean, Jack? So which way do I go? Back around again past the floating funhouse? But the bordello is gone. Where is that load of very small prostitutes going? There only one place down at the end of the road.

The graveyard. We met Jack Kerouac today. That was a good thing. I needed him. I also did not mention the house I passed where lives a potential love affair if only would be foolish enough to stop and ring the doorbell. They were not to be seen. They called down from the cloud above the house and their opinion on the potential love affair was to be expected.

Two Trees Road was a dream. Floated all the way down with the south wind nipping at my back in winter I came down here thru a field of snow a road with no borders just a wide expanse of frozen white across which I took my bearings from distant trees and it took me a half hour or more today a couple of zippy minutes at the most. This is what happens when you mix a puff of weed with two wheels. Take another puff and let the south wind chew off your collar. This Notebook Gate is only for what happens in the collective mind of that creature of me and two wheels and moving parts of the most wonderful machine that man has ever invented.

And of course I am breaking this rule as I intrude it upon the freehwheeling spin of this gate. The puff shall be optional. The Two Wheels the most essential. Same thing as yesterday, Jack. Denim shirt loose open in front black t. This pair of levis and another arrived in the mail a week after she died.

They are now starting to wear out and I am starting to wear out too. I can only take so many washings it seems. This pair is at that soft, peak-of-arc stage just before the fade. Mother Mary she is small. She is small. We are all small. I bid Jack to hop on my left shoulder. And I feel Dylan in the shape of a mystical butterfly fluttering down and trying to land on my right shoulder. Due west and flat. High Road. Up Pissing Road.

The first to be named. It was inevitable. This was 4 or 5 years ago, one of our first trips together. Thunder Road. It was the second to be named. And I just got my crow. He could smell me too. So could his 5 companions. I hear sharp pucking noises coming from my right shoulder, soft and professional. Then I hear massive gasping and gulping on my left. How many more days do you have past the 31st? These are the trips I like the most. They flew straight ahead down the road yards then swooped up to the telephone wires to perch.

They waited for me to pass underneath. Then he spoke. I learned that cows are stoned all the time. Alone at the fountain 1st day of July not even Jack Kerouac showed up. I saw that yesterday. Go flop somewhere else. I hate sitting on these things. Water, man. I can see now that this Notebook Gate is not going to be written on the run. This Gate needs repose. It needs restful verbs and it wants to take a good look at all the adjectives too. The voices and the verbs pile up, spill out and get lost forever which means that much of this will be written in the pasture bedtime type of tension.

The nouns have it : green upon green with yellow-tip wheat and flax clouds bouncing around, dueling with rain hard, sharp sunlight south-west wind shifting around to the south. Taking no chances today. I think he passed out. Flopped out over my shoulder. And she does have a Japanese voice. Get lost. Hard Luck Road. Used to call it Rum Road, three years ago returning from Les Waleffes with the last pint of rum from the shelves of the village shop going out of business, drunk at twilight and not knowing it until I started rolling down Rum Road.

The Verlaine Speed Road has other names too. The Mean Machine Road from when Quanah was a kid and the huge rusted iron cow shit claw over the slop pit reminded him of mechanical monsters that do not hide their human nature, also known as Treasure Card Street. High Point Hesbaye. I used to think cows were dumb. Stoned out of their horny heads. I was a boy.

So I guess I was a cowboy. I wore a baseball cap and I drove a pick up truck. I thought he heard a marching band, but it was an ambulance walking across the land on two lumpy feet, dragging one, sliding, slurring it along thru the dust. I thought it was Gerry Mulligan Quartet tuning up. You dig Mulligan?

I come from a weird place, from between the Sons of the Pioneers and Hank Ballard and the Midnighters. They say the cuckoo wobbles when she flies. One flew east. Somewhere between Moondog and Leadbelly. Between the dog and the belly. Not bop. Jimmy Reed high harmonica. Face to face with my death. Red gold setting sun reflected in the rims of my glasses. This is not face to face. We got pig iron. We got John Lee Hooker. If you squint your ears she could be playing bar music in the atrium lobby of some fancy downtown hotel. The rings are charcoal black, and may be debris of former "moonlets" that have broken up.

Neptune is the eighth planet in average distance from the sun. It is a giant gas planet, with a mass It has the highest winds in the solar system. Its interior is believed to have a central rocky core covered by a layer of ice. Leverrier and Arago are divided by a wide diffuse particle band called the plateau. Neptune was located in by German astronomers Johan Galle and Heinrich d'Arrest — after calculations by English astronomer John Couch Adams and French mathematician Urbain Leverrier had predicted its existence from disturbances in the movement of Uranus.

Voyager 2, which passed Neptune in August , revealed various cloud features, notably an earth-sized oval storm cloud, the Great Dark Spot, similar to the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, but images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in show that the Great Dark Spot has since disappeared. A smaller dark spot, DS2, has also gone. Detailed description of the planet Neptune. It includes a chronology of the exploration of the planet, along with statistics and information on its rings, moons, and satellites. Pluto is the smallest and, usually, the outermost planet of the solar system.

The existence of Pluto was predicted by calculation by the U. Its highly elliptical orbit occasionally takes it within the orbit of Neptune, as in — Pluto has a mass about 0. Charon, Pluto's moon, was discovered in by James Walter Christy —. Charon is composed mainly of ice. Some astronomers have suggested that Pluto was a former moon of Neptune that escaped, but it is more likely that it was an independent body that was captured.

The Hubble Space Telescope photographed Pluto's surface in Site devoted to our most distant planet and its satellite. It contains a table of statistics, photographs, and an animation of their rotation. An asteroid, or minor planet, is any one of many thousands of small bodies, composed of rock and iron, that orbit the sun. Most lie in a belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, and are thought to be fragments left over from the formation of the solar system.

About , may exist, but their total mass is only a few hundredths the mass of the moon.

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Some asteroids are in orbits that bring them close to earth, and some, such as the Apollo asteroids, even cross earth's orbit; at least some of these may be remnants of former comets. One unusual asteroid, Chiron, orbits beyond Saturn. The Largest Asteroids. An asteroid is a small body, composed of rock and iron, that orbits the sun. Orbital period yrs. The first asteroid moon was observed by the space probe Galileo in , orbiting asteroid Ida. A comet is a small, icy body orbiting the sun, usually on a highly elliptical path. It consists of a central nucleus a few miles across, and has been likened to a dirty snowball because it is mostly made up of ice mixed with dust.

Gas and dust stream away from the coma to form one or more tails, which may extend for millions of kilometers. Evidence for this comes in part from observations of the spectrum of Comet Hyakutake. What is the difference between an asteroid and a meteorite? Find out at this site, which contains a table of statistics about asteroids, a chronology of asteroid exploration, and images of selected asteroids.

Comets are believed to have been formed at the birth of the solar system. Billions of them may reside in a halo the Oort cloud beyond the planet Pluto. The gravitational effect of passing stars pushes some toward the sun, when they eventually become visible from earth. Most comets swing around the sun and return to distant space, never to be seen again for. Major Comets. First recorded sighting. Interesting facts. Halley's comet. Comet Tempel-Tuttle. Biela's comet.

Encke's comet. Comet Swift-Tuttle. Comet Ikeya-Seki. Comet Kohoutek. Comet West. Comet Bowell. Comet Austin. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. Comet Hale-Bopp. Comet Hyakutake. Heaviest Meteorites. Name and location. Weight metric tons. Year found. Hoba West, Grootfontein, Namibia. Ahnighito, Greenland. Bacuberito, Mexico. Mbosi, Tanzania. Agpalik, Greenland. Armanty, Mongolia. Chupaderos, Mexico. Willamette OR , U. Campo del Cielo, Argentina. Mundrabilla, Western Australia. Morito, Mexico. Periodic comets are thought to come from the Kuiper belt, a zone just beyond the planet Neptune.

Of the or so comets whose orbits have been calculated, about are periodic. The one with the shortest known period is Encke's comet, which orbits the sun every 3. The brightest periodic comet, Hale-Bopp, flew past the earth in March A dozen or more comets are discovered every year, some by amateur astronomers. A meteor is seen as a flash of light in the sky and is popularly known as a shooting or falling star. On any clear night, several sporadic meteors can be seen each hour.

Several times each year the earth encounters swarms of dust shed by comets, which give rise to a meteor shower. This appears to radiate from one particular point in the sky, after which the shower is named; the Perseid meteor shower in August appears in the constellation Perseus. A brilliant meteor is termed a fireball. Most meteoroids are smaller than grains of sand. The earth sweeps up an estimated 16, tons of meteoric material every year.

An ecplosion in Northern Ireland in December was blamed on terrorists, but was later discovered to be caused by a Meteorite. It left a 1. Informative collection of facts about meteorites: how they are formed, classification, and what happens when one hits earth. It includes images of a selection of meteorites. A telescope is traditionally an optical instrument that magnifies images of faint and distant objects; it can also be any of a variety of devices for collecting and focusing light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation—for example, radio telescopes see below.

Telescopes are major research tools in astronomy. An optical telescope with a large aperture, or opening, can distinguish finer detail and fainter objects than one with a small aperture. The refracting telescope uses lenses, and the reflecting telescope uses mirrors. A third type, the catadioptric telescope, is a combination of lenses and mirrors. In a refracting telescope, or refractor, light is collected by a lens called the object glass or objective, which focuses light down a tube, forming an image magnified by an eyepiece. In a reflecting telescope, or reflector, light is collected and focused by a concave mirror.

Large mirrors are cheaper to make and easier to mount than large lenses, so all the largest telescopes are reflectors. It consists of six mirrors of 1.

Schmidt telescopes are used for taking wide-field photographs of the sky. They have a main mirror plus a thin lens at the front of the tube to increase the field of view. The liquid-mirror telescope is a reflecting telescope constructed with a rotating mercury mirror. Large telescopes can now be placed in orbit above the distorting effects of the earth's atmosphere. Telescopes in space have been used to study infrared, ultraviolet, and X-ray radiation that does not penetrate the atmosphere but carries a great deal of information about the births, lives, and deaths of stars and galaxies. The 2.

In an X-ray telescope was under development by U. Extensive "plain English" guide to buying a telescope.

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For anybody interested in astronomy and contemplating buying a telescope or setting up an observatory, this is an indispensable source of noncommercial advice. Hubble Space Telescope. It consists of a 2. The HST produces a wealth of scientific data, and allows astronomers to observe the birth of stars, find planets around neighboring stars, follow the expanding remnants of exploding stars, and search for black holes in the center of galaxies.

It was launched in Before the HST could reach its full potential, a flaw in the shape of its main mirror, discovered two months after the launch, had to be corrected. In , as part of a planned servicing and instrument upgrade mission, NASA astronauts aboard the space shuttle Endeavour installed a set of corrective lenses to compensate for the error in the mirror figure.

Around 1, galaxies, mostly new discoveries, were photographed. In May , three months after astronauts had installed further new equipment, U. Within 20 minutes of searching, it discovered. Major Ground-Based Telescopes and Observatories. Year opened. Run by. Algonquin Radio Observatory. Ontario, Canada. Arecibo Observatory. Puerto Rico. Australia Telescope National Facility. New South Wales, Australia.

Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory. Cerro Tololo mountain in the Chilean Andes. David Dunlap Observatory.

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. University of Toronto. Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. NRC of Canada. Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory. Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Effelsberg Radio Telescope. Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. European Southern Observatory. La Silla, Chile. Gemini 8-Meter Telescopes Project. Mauna Kea HI , U. Green Bank Telescope. Jodrell Bank. Cheshire, U. Keck I. Keck II. Kitt Peak National Observatory. McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope, the world's largest of its type.

La Palma, Canary Islands. Isaac Newton Group of telescopes, including the 4. Las Campanas Observatory. Carnegie Institution of Washington. Mount Hamilton CA , U. University of California. Lowell Observatory. Flagstaff AZ , U. Lowell Observatory staff. Anderson Mesa. Ohio State and Ohio Wesleyan universities. McDonald Observatory. Davis Mountains TX , U. University of Texas. Las Campanas, Chile. Mauna Kea. Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. Keck I and Keck II telescopes.

Mount Palomar. Mount Wilson Observatory. Mount Wilson Institute. Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory. Cambridge, U. Ryle Telescope, eight dishes University of Cambridge, U. Multiple Mirror Telescope. Hopkins AZ , U. University of Arizona and the Smithsonian Institute.

New Technology Telescope. Anglo-Australian Observatory. Siding Spring Mountain. Schmidt Telescope. South African Astronomical Observatory. Sutherland, South Africa. Subaru "Pleiades". Naval Observatory. Washington DC, U. US Naval Observatory. Cerro Paranal, Chile. European Southern Observatory consisting of eight European countries. Yerkes Observatory. Wisconsin, U.

University of Chicago Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Caucasus Mountains of Russia. It is located in the middle of galaxy M84 about 50 million light-years from earth. Further findings in December concerned different shapes of dying stars. Previously, astronomers had thought that most stars die with a round shell of burning gas expanding into space.

The photographs taken by the HST show shapes such as pinwheels and jet exhaust. Home page of the Hubble Space Telescope, which includes an archive of past observations, a description of the instruments aboard, and a section for educators, students, and the general public—with pictures, audio clips, and press releases.

This type of telescope is used in radio astronomy to detect radio waves emitted naturally by objects in space. Radio telescopes usually consist of a metal bowl that collects and focuses radio waves the way a concave mirror collects and focuses light waves. Radio telescopes are much larger than optical telescopes, because the wavelengths they are detecting are much longer than the wavelength of light.

A large dish such as that at Jodrell Bank, England, can see the radio sky less clearly than a small optical telescope sees the visible sky. Interferometry is a technique in which the output from two dishes is combined to give better resolution of detail than with a single dish. Very long baseline interferometry VBLI uses radio telescopes spread across the world to resolve minute details of radio sources. In aperture synthesis, several dishes are linked together to simulate the performance of a very large single dish.

Other radio telescopes are shaped like long troughs, and some consist of simple rod-shaped antennae. Radio astronomy has greatly improved our understanding of the evolution of stars, the structure of galaxies, and the origin of the universe. Astronomers have mapped the spiral structure of the Milky Way from the radio waves given out by interstellar gas, and they have detected many individual radio sources within our galaxy and beyond. Radio astronomy is also used in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, which has been ongoing since The Exploration of Space.

Rockets are used as the means of propelling satellites into geostationary orbit and spacecraft out of the earth's atmosphere into and through space. To escape from earth's gravity rockets must reach an escape velocity of They are driven by the reaction of gases produced by a fast-burning fuel, such as liquid hydrogen and kerosene. Unlike jet engines, which are also reaction engines, modern rockets carry their own oxygen supply usually in liquid form to burn their fuel and do not require any surrounding atmosphere.

Being the only form of propulsion available that can function in a vacuum, rockets are essential to exploration in outer space. Multistage rockets have to be used, consisting of a number of rockets joined together. Artificial satellites, used for scientific purposes, communications, weather forecasting, and military applications, have been rocket-launched into orbit around the earth since the late s.

The brightest artificial satellites can be seen by the naked eye. At any time, there are several thousand artificial satellites orbiting the earth, including active satellites, satellites that have ended their working lives, and discarded sections of rockets. Artificial satellites eventually reenter the earth's atmosphere. Usually they burn up by friction, but sometimes debris falls to the earth's surface, as with Skylab and Salyut 7.

In there were active artificial satellites in orbit around earth, the majority used in communications. Mercury project U. The first two Mercury flights, on Redstone rockets, were short flights to the edge of space and back. The orbital flights, beginning with the third in the series made by John Glenn , were launched by Atlas rockets. There are comprehensive details technical and of general interest on all the crewed and uncrewed flights included in the project.

Gemini project U. Gemini spacecraft carried two astronauts and were launched by Titan rockets. Official NASA archive of the project that paved the way for the first moon landing. There are comprehensive details technical and of general interest on all the missions included in the project.


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Apollo project U. He was accompanied on the moon's surface by Buzz Aldrin; Michael Collins remained in the orbiting command module. The program was announced in by President Kennedy. The world's most powerful rocket, Saturn V, was built to launch the Apollo spacecraft, which carried three astronauts.

When the spacecraft was in orbit around the moon, two astronauts would descend to the surface in a lunar module to take samples of rock and set up experiments that would send data back to earth. After three other preparatory flights, Apollo 11 made the first lunar landing. Five more crewed landings followed. Apollo 1: during a preliminary check on the ground, the three crew were killed by a fire on January 27, Apollo 4: launched on November 9, into an orbit around the earth; the first time the Saturn V rocket was used.

Apollo 7: the first Apollo mission carrying a crew, Apollo 7 was a test flight sent into orbit around the earth on October 11, Apollo 8: launched on December 21, ; the first rocket to take a crew round the moon. Apollo 9: launched on March 3, ; the lunar module was tested in orbit around the earth. Apollo launched on May 18, ; the lunar module was successfully tested Apollo launched on July 16, ; Armstrong and Aldrin landed the lunar module named ''Eagle" in an area called the Sea of Tranquility on the moon's surface on July 20, Armstrong had to land manually because the automatic navigation system was heading for a field of boulders.

On landing, Armstrong announced "Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed. Apart from a slight wobble when rejoining the command module, the return flight went without a hitch. After splashdown the astronauts were quarantined as a precaution against unknown illnesses from the moon. Apollo launched on November 14, ; in spite of twice being struck by lightning, another successful moon landing was achieved. Apollo intended to be the third moon landing, Apollo 13 was launched on April 11, with the crew of John Swigert, Fred Haise, and James Lovell.

On the third day of the mission Swigert reported to Houston "We seem to have a problem.

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The planned landing was abandoned and the rocket was sent around the moon before heading back to earth. The crew used the lunar module Aquarius as a "lifeboat," though they had to endure near-freezing temperatures to save power, making sleep almost impossible. Attempting reentry in the crippled ship almost led to disaster, but the crew splashed down safely on April Apollo launched on July 26, ; the first surface vehicle, "Lunar Rover," was used.

Apollo launched on December 7, , this was the last of the Apollo moon landings. Detailed geological studies were carried out and large amounts of rock and soil were brought back. Notable Crewed Space Flight. Launch date. April 12, Vostok 1. Yuri Gagarin. May 5, Freedom 7. Alan Shepard. August 6, Vostok 2. Gherman Titov. February 20, Friendship 7. John Glenn. August 11, Vostok 3.

Andrian Nikolyev. June 14, Vostok 5. Valeri Bykovsky. June 16, Vostok 6. Valentina Tereshkova. October 12, Voskhod 1. March 18, Voskhod 2. Pavel Belyayev, Alexei Leonov. Leonov made first walk in space. March 25, Gemini 3. Gus Grissom, John Young. June 3, Gemini 4. James McDivitt, Edward White. White makes first American spacewalk. December 4, Gemini 7.

Frank Borman, James Lovell. December 15, Gemini 6. Wally Schirra, Tom Stafford. September 12, Gemini Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon. November 11, James Lovell, Edwin Aldrin. April 23, Soyuz 1. Vladimir Komarov. Komarov killed when parachute failed after emergency landing; intended to dock with Soyuz 2.

October 11, Apollo 7. December 21, Apollo 8. January 15, Soyuz 5. Yeleseyev and Khrunov spacewalk to Soyuz 4 after docking with it. May 18, Apollo July 16, November 14, April 11, June 6, Soyuz July 26, April 16, Mattingly in lunar orbit makes longest solo U. May 25, Skylab 2. November 16, Skylab 4. May 24, Pyotr Klimuk, Vitali Sevastyanov. July 15, Alexei Leonov, Valeri Kubasov. July 5, December 10, Yuri Romanenko, Georgi Grechko.