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Profile Join. Log in Join. See all 85 reviews. Certificate of Excellence. Other Recent Reviews. Read all 85 reviews. Share your experience! Write a Review Add Photo. Make sure you aren't paying too much for!! View Hotel Deals. Disregarding the obvious self interest in that desperate declaration I find it even less credible now than I did at the time. We all do. We all barely avoided bursting out laughing such was the absurdity of the statement we were being expected to accept.

Was there no one who saw the desperation and embarrassment on most of the faces would be a dead giveaway.

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If it transpires that the chairman distributed an email to the committee for approval as he claimed, then it had to be after this date. Assuming he actually did send the email….. He also later claims that the committee has legal advice that states that what they did was legal, but this is in doubt if the minutes from the AGM were not shown to the lawyer before this advice was given. There was no apology, no hint of regret and no sign that they were even thinking of backing off. We were all of the opinion that the whole farcical suspension process was now legally and constitutionally void.

Our options were 1 to immediately walk out and discuss later the future situation once the dust settled. And no doubt are also NOT the recollections and definite understanding of those members present on the night and who voted. The clear intention of the AGM was unmistakeable, unambiguous and well expressed. Anything less would be to underestimate the gravity members placed on the display of the highest and most onerous level of proof. Even in the face of such disbelief of the story so far, the Chairman now decided to double down rather than retreat.

In answer to the doubts expressed as to the veracity of the chain of events he related above, PC Murdoch now informed us the committee were united in their view that what they had done was in all respects constitutionally sound and legal. This general disbelief seemed to provoke the final throw of the dice, and out came their trump card, again presented by the chairman and secretary. Everything stated and carried out previously was now negated in their eyes because of this last deception.

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That concludes part 1. Then PART 2. However, if you can point out anywhere in the LLAIA Constitution a clause underwriting your decision to impose this condition, please do so immediately. Harsh, inconvenient but undoubtably true.

Waiting for me on my return from holiday, arrived by snail mail posted on 11 September was a reply of sorts to my frequent and previously ignored requests for clarity around exactly what I was being accused of and my constitutional right as an LLAIA member to have access to all future LLAIA Committee meetings. And most importantly to establish due process and compliance to the constitutional stipulations , copies of all LLAIA Committee minutes which might have impact on my suspension.

Make no mistake, this was a letter that should never have seen the light of day. If anything shows the rogue nature of this secretary, who now completely seems to think the LLAIA Constitution is his own plaything to interpret to suit his own ends, this letter is it. Whether the result of desperation, arrogance or complete disregard for democratic governance this latest ramble shows a man out of control and recklessly pursueing his own agenda.

The committee either seem powerless to control events, or are not even trying any more. I feel this farce is getting close to a resolution. And there are already moves afoot to declare them illegal as being an obstruction to justice used by the guilty but cash rich.

And from that initial constitutional avoidance cascaded ever more regular un-democratic expediency which in effect leaves the LLAIA as a dictatorship spending more time and members money on lawyers than on fishery improvement. The whole process was virtually nodded through by a bored and disinterested membership without even the pretence of a debate.

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Before Insp. It had caused him so much grief and pain to be excluded from participation and be denied the opportunity to use any information gained to disadvantage his opponents. In tandem with the item above he also included a provision within the constitution 15 c iii that grants every member access as an observer to all committee meetings, provided 72hrs notice is given of intended attendance.

Realistically i dont expect the comittee to even consider reversing my suspension.

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If they were to reverse it i can see no alternative to immediate resignation by the officials and members involved. Readers will know I removed the last post after a certain time in circulation. It had reached the required numbercof members and i realise the embarassment caused to the LLAIA as an organisation by its continuing to be openly accessible. This is the first in a series of considered posts intended to increase the pressure to resolve this mess in the shortest possible time.

But it will need more than one or two members to convince them. But he plainly deems his superior intellect grants him a peculiar insight into the workings of the LLAIA Constitution to the extent that he alone can interpret, re-interpret and pass judgement on all manner of vexed questions.

But recently his tactics have become more aggressive and strident, probably as a direct result of the ever closer occasion of the next AGM and the need to get this dispute sorted before then. So far as I know their our? According to the LLAIA Constitution an EGM when called is subject to certain strict restrictions as to the scope of any discussion the terms of which have to be clearly set out in the calling.

In brief the meeting was asked to approve the removal of Insp Morse as Chair and Lt.

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Note specifically the names and roles. Note the certainty and clarity of that motion. And this outcome is all the sweeter as at the time I advised PC Murdoch to keep any motion simple and in general terms rather tha specifics. At this point I need to digress slightly to explain the reason for this panic measure.

It transpires that GTB was already under investigation by Insp.

He was subsequently exonerated by an investigation carried out by the new committee a fortnight later. But the personal bottle required to do so deserved much more attention than we all gave it at the time. But not completely so in relation to who is then entitled theteafter to the protection of any LLAIA officially funded legal services. And I suspect their lawyer might soon be giving birth to those twins when he reads this. Skip to content. Home Contact.

The committee members and officials in attendance last Friday were: PC Murdoch. Not attending : RM. Then it was straight into action. The result on the demeanour of the committee of inquisition was remarkable. We decided there and then to go for the kill. In reply to your recent letter regarding your decision that as a suspended member I am not considered to be eligible for a copy of all LLAIA Committee meetings as is my right under Article 15 c I. Firstly was a statement by the secretary informing me that obviously in his considered opinion as a suspended member I had now no right to any minutes as my suspension apparently was deemed by him to have negated that privilege.

Now I agree that it would be nice, tidy and possibly even logical if the Constitution did actually say suspended members are not to be treated as persons due the normal amount of human rights. Morse interfering with things he knew little about, he not being able to see far enough ahead to anticipate the consequences of his botched 15 c I.

It then goes on to say that regardless of this fictional and imagined loss of privilege occasioned by my as yet unproven and unconfirmed suspension possible expulsion the committee out of a belated sense of fair play and even-handedness have decided regardless to allow me access to the minutes. The unintentional vision of being buried alive under letters is impossible not to imagine.

Just to make them easier for the common folk to understand, like.

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Concocting imaginary handicaps to democracy is this secretarys specialist subject.