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He has shaped our backgrounds, designed our personalities, our pimples and dreams. God does not blame our beings on another but takes full responsibility for who we are. He designed us. He has placed us in a situation where we can adjust our teeth, but if one is not, then he should be content with that life. It is not just our bodies that He has designed but the whole of our situation.

It is just right to get His work done. That is the attitude that we ought to have. We have been designed to do His work. This world tries to have us think what we want when our only concern ought to be what God wants. You can enjoy who you are with your limitations, your scars, your tendency to get sick, your inability to do as well as another.

For once in life, you can be content and confess all that envy and discontent. Instead we think:. Whether we are young or old, we can trust Him for the future. You might be young and afraid of getting older. Trust Him. He designed you, and He will make it all work out like He wants. Or if you are getting old, your memory is going, your legs are not as strong, you can still trust Him to enable you to do all His will. Our possessions or capabilities should never stop us from thinking what He wants to do in our lives. Instead, we should focus on knowing what He wants to do through our lives.

Never worry about whether we can do this or that but only focus on knowing what He wants you to do. He will provide for you even if He needs to give you extra wisdom, cash or contacts. Remember Nehemiah? God gave him many things like cash, wood and assistance through the emperor of the then known world so that he could rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Of course, if your parents designed you or some genius scientist, we would be right to worry. They might have made some mistakes. Or they might have only had a limited purpose. But God calls you His workmanship. Place your full confidence in His work in your life.

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You can even now feel your faith get stronger and a new or stronger urge to serve Him. As long as you focus on your own abilities rather than His will and design, your life will be filled with problems. If we are to focus on His will, we are to ask what His will is and how are we to know His will. He reminds us that our strength does not come through our own will power but through Christ in us. He is ultimately speaking of our spiritual lives as we live them out here on earth. But why does He make us? He makes us for good works.

Paul certainly understands all about good works. As said before, salvation is not dependent on us but Him. Good works are not our good efforts but our willingness for Christ to live out His life through our lives. I suppose many of you have never quite thought about this. As Christ lives in our lives, He wants to continue doing good works as He did on earth. The Holy Spirit that fills us is the same as Christ living in us. When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, He will bear witness of Me, and you will bear witness also, because you have been with Me from the beginning John What are these good works?

They include all sorts of things that we would expect and many that we do not. Let me give you an example. We had been praying about this matter.

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We knew full well that much wrong can be done the way the media tends to slant things. God enabled us in the filming, in the editing process over which we had no part and will in the end. This is a good work which He planned for. It required faith, time and film makers in our home for about two weeks. Many good works make up a big good work. Big events are often a series of a lot of small good works over a period of time requiring a commitment. Instead of focusing on what we want which gets boring and evil very quickly, we get to focus on His will which He wants to implement through our lives.

He gives us the faith and resources to do what He wants. We have so many miraculous stores to share, but in fact, when we begin to live by faith day by day, we begin to see the giants fall in the land because some man, woman, boy or girl has allowed the Spirit of God to mightily work in his or her life. See what Jesus says on this topic in Matthew ! These good works are prepared along with the design of our beings in mind.

If the works were prepared before our lives began, then certainly we can trust Him for our design to accomplish them. God already had the design of what He wanted before He made us. We need not fear battles with giants.

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If we must fight a giant, then He will give us grace to do it. Notice our faith is in Him, His design and His appointed work. God only allows us to see, at the appropriate time, our own needed activities.

Let me make a word of caution. God has appointed our work. It behooves us to search out for these good works whether big or small.

Ephesians 1 (Part1) :1-10 Our Spiritual Blessings in Christ

We should be busy doing them. But we should always ready ourselves for them. Paul knows that as much as God has appointed us good works, there is also an enemy that will oppose us as he did Jesus Christ. We look forward to that study in Ephesians 6. Those that run the marathon practice day in and day out. If you think that God is not using you, it more than likely is from your unwillingness to be trained. Are you meeting God each day? Are you evangelizing? Do you disciple others? Are you consistent in your prayer life? Although these things might seem so basic, they all fit together slowly building up our confidence in how God can work in our lives.

Never despise the small lessons of life.

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David cared for sheep before he cared for a nation. He fought off lions before a towering giant named Goliath and later huge armies. We do not know what good works that the Lord has planned for us. We focus on the ones at hand and trust Him for those that are coming. This means that we need to meet with God each day seeking Him and His will. As He shares with us His will, He also begins to share with us His ways.

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Do not be foolish and run off before He has given you instructions on how one is to accomplish His will. This is the grand Christian life. Christ in us, full of glory. We do not boast in ourselves but in Him who lives in us.

Ephesians 1

Keep firm in your faith. God knows what those works are and will put your heart on them. He works with and through your life. You do not need to imagine things for Him. When we face trials, we just look back at our salvation and remember the good works He has designed for us to do. We trust Him and go forward. Endurance is a good work. A joyful heart is a good work. Sharing the gospel is good work. A wife caring for children is good work. A worker not giving into compromise is a good work. Some we have been trained for. Others we are being shaped for.

People have all sorts of problems. Some worry. Others get involved in pornography. We will also want to look at the fellowship between Jesus and God the Father because we inherit that relationship through Jesus as our promised and fulfilled Christ. The traditional interpretation of Gen. First, He created the conditions for all who surrender this world and who accept the gift of Heaven through Christ,. Compare and contrast that with the Word of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you one unsaved person for whom He would like you to pray.

Today I will pray for the person He has revealed to me and, if I have to earned the opportunity to do so, I will tell them about the incredible gift of Heaven through Jesus. Lord, You provided the way of freedom for us in Christ, and You provided us Your Gospel so that we would understand. We have eternal redemption and daily forgiveness, as promised by God Gen.

Messiah will be given the nations as His inheritance, and He will rule over those who seek to oppose Him vss. The nations are thus urged to worship God now, or face the wrath of His coming King. In contrast, Psalm 22 portrays the suffering of Messiah on the cross of Calvary. It therefore focuses on the splendor and majesty of the coming King vss. The bride of the king loves righteousness and hates wickedness the church? The splendor and beauty of the bride is described as she has been prepared for her presentation to the King. Psalm 72 depicts the reign of the Righteous King of Israel, who judges the people with righteousness and justice, and who vindicates the afflicted.

He is the One who will answer the cries of the afflicted and will bring them deliverance. Psalm speaks of the installation of the Messiah at the right hand of God, who will rule over His enemies. Not only is He to rule as king, but He is also an eternal priest after the order of Melchizedek v. He will come to the earth to destroy His enemies.

The list shows the NT as borrowing separate passages from different psalms, and with the same passages appearing in different places this gives a total of psalm quotations in the NT. Approximately 50 of these deal with the sufferings, resurrection, ascension of Christ, and the spreading of the gospel to all nations. The other quotations are more of a teaching or comforting nature. Dealing with sin in our lives is a challenge, we are much better at cover-ups and denials than we are at confession and repentance and we lie to ourselves even better than we lie to others. Thank the Lord God that through Jesus the Christ He took our punishment on the Cross, that He as God-man was resurrected from the formerly inescapable bonds of death, that He walked and taught His-story and His promise, and that He sent His apostles to teach and write it to the new church believers that we might have His Word today.

Thank Him also for daily forgiveness. When have you read something in the New Testament and realized that the writer was quoting from the OT?

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Today I will praise the Lord God for His perfect plan for my life and I will humbly and trustingly follow where he leads. Lord, You saved us and although we are already with You in your timeless-reality, we remain here for a while as we endure the time-bound reality of creation.

Thank God that the resurrected and glorified Jesus, Christ in the flesh, is our perfect hope and, like Him and because of Him, we also have been claimed by God as His! The amazing, incredible, surreal fact is that you have the indwelling Holy Spirit of God! What are you doing as a result of that incomparable gift? Are we, the body of Christ, partnering with Him to heal and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually?

The resurrected and glorified Jesus, Christ in the flesh, is our perfect hope and, like Him and because of Him, we also have been claimed by God as His! Share an example of how the Holy Spirit of God, working from within you, caused you to be used by God in a meaningful and positive way. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal how He wants to work in your life to heal and mature you.

Lord, You have given to us a right-model for obedient Biblical-Christian living. May I remember to reflect often upon this teaching, comparing and contrasting my walk with the guidance found here, and seeking to mature so that I may be-improved by Your Holy Spirit. As you contemplate becoming an ultrafidian-Christian; do you find that exciting and scary at the same moment? Loving those sometimes hard-to-love brothers and sisters in Christ, even the one in the mirror right after doing something really dumb, can be an exciting challenge.

In what ways can we be ultrafidian-Christians and go beyond faith to obediently love one another and obediently share the Good News because the Holy Spirit of God dwells in every one of us? We may call upon the Lord God Who honors us through the prayers of Apostles then and the intercession of Jesus in Heaven now. When have you been an ultrafidian-Christian and done something in-faith that you never thought you could do?

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you a brother or sister whom you may encourage and one unsaved person you can tell about the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Today I am choosing to be an ultrafidian-Christian, loving my Christian brothers and sisters and obediently sharing the Good News every chance I get. Lord, You are sovereign over life and death, even time itself. May I live in a proper awe of You Lord, an awe that produces an increased desire for growing spiritual maturity in my life.

Reflecting on these verses, it is clear we should desire wisdom as much as God desires it for us. It is not necessary for everyone to go to a Bible College or a seminary, some of those who have done so were not ready when they did, and others attended where they were taught bad doctrine; but somewhere—preferably in our fellowships, large or small—we all need to get more clued-in as to spiritual wisdom and revelation.

What are some examples of the value of wisdom, acquired through the indwelling Holy Spirit, to equip us to discern and reject the many deceptions that the Enemy brings against us?

Fourth Century Christianity » Jerome – Commentary on Ephesians

When have you experienced or observed an example where knowledge of the Word of God and possession of discernment of the Holy Spirit equipped you to discern and reject a deception, or to assist another believer in so doing? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you an area of your knowledge of spiritual wisdom or revelation that wants you to explore.

Today I will invest more time in my knowledge of spiritual wisdom and revelation. May I be faithful in encouraging fellowship that is centered upon You my Lord God. Adam and Eve rebelled, everything and everybody created was cursed because of them, and consequently Satan became the ruler or prince of the fallen world see John