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Plastic Demon

Feature image source This is part 2 of a three-part series. Part 1; Part 3Part 1 was a portion of the story of the years I spent in a group of "psychonauts", and the demon that somehow came from that.

Part 2; Part 3 This is something I've been hesitant to write or speak about as the events that took place when I was transitioning to adulthood are still such a clusterfuck in my head, but I remember certain instances very clearly, as if they are still happening. That time in my life was so… Continue reading what happened to us when we were 17?

I don't remember it consciously, but when I was very young, around , I was sexually abused.

And then again when I was 9, and again when I was A psychologist told me these things are remembered in the body, and I do remember what happened in my own body. I'm a spiritual person and I have always believed that everyone and everything has some purpose for existing.

Global Achievements. Most popular community and official content for the past week. Bug - No End Turn Button. Sometimes the End Turn Button goes away. No way to go to the next round, only option is to restart, restore last round or go back to camp.

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Naughty Mouse. Strike Team Hydra on Steam If you like these two Demon Rise games, check out the Dev's other game, a tactical, turn-based, RPG, space-based shooter think a simplified X-com. Patrol Mission 10 Bugs. In PM10 some tiles on the border of the poison lake are inaccessible and enemies who stand there can't be attacked.

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When I ordered one of my warriors to leave one of the border tiles, she walked away in a straith line and didn't stop: she just left the Marcus Aquila. Combat stats in character screen.

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I just got this game today to play on my laptop at work when time allowed and am loving it, but when I got home and installed it to my desktop pc, I wanted to transfer my save from my laptop to my desktop since the game doesn't seem to work with Steam Cl Like TBS? Get this quick! View screenshots.