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McKenna retired from consulting in and is concentrating his efforts on high tech entrepreneurial seed-ventures. McKenna has written and lectured extensively on the social and market effects of technological change advancing innovations in marketing theories and practices.

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McKenna helped launch some of the most important technological innovations of the last thirty years including the first microprocessor Intel Corporation , the first personal computer Apple Computer , the first recombinant DNA genetically engineered product Genentech, Inc. In the last decade, McKenna consulted on strategic marketing and business issues to industrial, consumer, transportation, healthcare, and financial firms in the United States, Japan, and Europe.

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McKenna continues to be involved in high tech start-up companies through his venture activities. McKenna pioneered many of the theories and practices of technology marketing that have become integrated into the marketing mainstream.

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Some of these include:. McKenna has written five books on technology business strategies and marketing. This book analyzes the effects of technology on the marketplace and describes how high-speed electronics enables ready access to information, products and services and in the process, generates increased expectations for immediate satisfaction.

Graduate tours and university fairs are the most effective way to provide prospective students with offline resources and involving your alumni as brand ambassadors will help to strengthen your presence at these events in addition to your online reach to new students. Overall it was found that university websites were the most important online resource that student preferred to access, followed by university ranking websites and other specialized web resources that cover higher education.

Again it was Asian and African respondents that stood out, with an above average percentage regarding rankings websites and student forums as essential. With prospective students from these regions drawing on a complete range of online resources — possibly due to limited access to offline resources such as open days and university fairs — it is therefore increasingly important not to ignore any of them. Ensuring your university has a high profile on websites that include university rankings, student forums, and resources — such as Top Universities and Top MBA — will ensure that prospective students from regions such as Asia and Africa can engage more fully with your online presence and get the information they need.

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  5. The importance of social media as a method for accessing information is growing every year, so much so that a third of our survey respondents now regard social media as essential or very important when researching universities. Social media is an important way to connect with your prospective students, especially with those students applying those from overseas.

    Differences in preferred online resources

    The differentiation of preference across regions makes social media an ideal tool for segmented campaigns, with the potential to effectively target prospective students of specific demographics. Social media channels can be most effective when used to share information and insights not available in other official sources, so having accounts that focus on student life and the more sociable side of university life will help increase your reach and influence.

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    Generally, spectators pay a lot of money to watch the athletes performances and competitions. Through organized national sports, the A. S attracts millions of fans who love watching games. The trainee is another consumer of the A. S provides programs in several sporting disciplines which are of interest to secondary school graduates. The main professional courses offered in the institute are sports science and sports medicine.

    Strategic Sport Marketing Plan for Australian Institute of Sport

    These courses are very popular and in high demand. Currently, the Institute does not offer as many professional courses as expected, although it is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. As in most sports organizations, the main product of the A. S is the athlete. Athletes are the main source of money since millions of people from all over the world come to watch them playing.

    The AIS has athletes in different games and sports such as basketball, cricket, football women, football men, athletes with disability, diving, cricket, rowing, hockey, skiing, netball, gymnastics, rugby, sailing, squash, swimming, softball, tennis, volleyball, cycling and many other games. All of these are products of A.

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    S and continue to prevail the market of Australia as well as foreign markets. These games attract millions of fans who willingly pay to watch their favourite athletes. Lade Inhalt Home Katalog Kontakt. Sofort herunterladen.