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Or did we circumvent it on account of a different influence? I believe the latter to be true. The serpent in the garden presented man with an alternative design which resulted in an alternative identity. In ignorance, we treated the symptom of fallen man and remained oblivious to the cause of the symptom. We tried to make all sorts of unfitting identities stick, whilst there remains only one true identity for man — Christ as our very life. If we are to remedy a design crisis, we need to get to know the Designer who designed us and trouble-shoot all the way back to the garden. Hence the title — The Garden Theology.

But we have taken a supernatural message and turned it into a mere natural one, and the result is a spiritually immature church that sees strength primarily in natural terms, and church growth as being about congregation sizes and resources rather than revelation.

What Is Your Experience with God?

When the glitter of religious performance-what we can achieve for God-is peddled in the church as real gold for long enough, then we raise a generation of believers who know how to do things for God, but not how to be the children of a joyful Father! The result is a church so sin-conscious and self-conscious that she is like a bride so insecure in her identity that she has buried the likeness of her Father beneath layers of makeup.

In this book the author begins to peel back that makeup to reveal the simple beauty of the gospel: Christ in us. Deconstructing Religion aims to tear down religious traditions that hinder the disciple of Christ from experiencing the power that comes from a whole relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. Come along for a fun-filled, educational adventure that explores Gods treasure of design and purpose. We will make all kinds of amazing discoveries. Do you know where we are in space or why we are there? The world without design and purpose would be topsy-turvy.

God has given His creation everything we need from the Milky Way Galaxy, our home in space, to the amazing force of gravity that keeps our feet on the ground and not flying around upside down. Of course, the most treasured design He made in the universe is YOU! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen. Were going on an adventure of exploration! God created within every human heart a basic yearning for an eternal life filled with freedom, joy, peace and love. This desire can only be satisfied by its Creator.

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ fundamentally changed humanity and established a new creation way of life. In this new creation, the old rules, nature, and powers-that-be have been overcome, and those who have been adopted into the family of God are blessed with friendship, communion, and a vital connection with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This book exposes those schemes and reveals the Good News to be infinitely better than we believed.

What is the standard that God requires in order to be acceptable to Him? Through the Lord Jesus finished work at Calvary, believers have been restored to a place of favor with God. No longer servants—but sons and daughters of King Jesus. For many believers, the New Covenant really is something new.

The great tragedy is that most people know exactly what the Ten Commandments are. Failure to divide the Old Covenant from the New creates a crippling concoction of confusion and condemnation. The revelation of grace that is found in the Lord Jesus and His finished work at the cross liberates believers from the tyranny of the law and its impossible demand for righteousness. Learn to interpret scripture in the light of the New Covenant. And most of all have your eyes opened to the Lord Jesus the lover of your soul and mediator of the New Covenant. The human heart cries out for freedom and often searches for it in the worst places, because the church at large has not always been a model for freedom.

BUT… Jesus is bringing freedom back to his church, to make the church beautiful again, to make the church attractive again, to make the church a place people actually want to go, not run away from. This book is about my pursuit of freedom. Then I found freedom briefly in the arms of my savior before being ushered into the slavery of manmade religion. Then finally, Jesus rescued me from the clutches of manmade religion with his amazing grace. Join me in this journey as we pursue and protect this freedom that Father God wants us to have.

The Bible documents seven covenants or contracts. Terms and conditions apply. Anyone not clear on which contract applies to them, why, and how, will inevitably be confused regarding what Christianity is all about. Book 1 is simple, straight-forward and clear.

It will help you read your Bible with understanding. You will know what Jesus did and why, and how it applies to you. You will also be able to approach any passage of Scripture armed with that knowledge, and be able to apply it appropriately to your life and circumstances. Book 2 explores exactly what the Gospel is — what is meant by this Good News. Living in the will of God is the application of the New Covenant in our day to day lives. Book 3 is full of well illustrated and very practical instruction on how to do just that.

The will of God is the will of God for all of His children, and you too can confidently live in it. But the Bible speaks of something more.

Wild Grace: What Happens When Grace Happens

What is the bigger picture of our salvation? Sometimes all it takes is a moment of revelation to change everything. This is a book about a personal journey to a simple truth that took an exhausted and questioning believer to a place of rest and fullness. This revelation is about more and discovering the game changer that takes a life that is impossibly hard to a life that is effortless. Good news anyone? Jesus came to give His followers abundant life, yet a look at the spiritual lives of many Christians reveals a life full of everything but abundance. Fall in love with Jesus all over again, or for the first time.

Embrace the truth that sets you free. The relentless, unwavering grace of God is staggering. It blows up your misunderstanding, your false pride, and your secret fears. Simply receive it, bask in it, and let it change you from the inside out. Allow Jesus to fill your heart with an ocean of His love, forgiveness, and acceptance. This book explains what is really going on when we make choices. What part God plays and what part we play in the saving of our own soul.

Also it makes it clear how salvation works by grace through faith which means our choice of faith is our part in reconciliation. God reconciled all but He left it up to us to agree with His choice. Yes He paid for all but not all are yet saved in this life.

5 Words That Show How God’s Grace Is Far More Amazing Than You Ever Realized! - ChristNOW

Salvations three stages are discussed greatly while the last part of the book deals with our attitude and how it determines our altitude. We are to humble ourselves to see God as He is today then we are to grow up into His likeness of what we saw. Humility is key to the submission and insight that it takes to be an overcomer in this life.

We are not waiting for a coming Jesus until we have overcome all His enemies! Psalm It is our responsibility to grow up or not. It is our choice to be willing. This book is written to both the seeker and the studier who wants to know God personally. It has personal testimonies to bring the context into reality. There is no end to how or to whom this applies for many are confused and misinformed.

Universal Reconciliation and the grace verses free will groups are both dealt with here. Each chapter has an illustration or chart to help the reader understand the spiritual view of things. This book is full of answers for both the hungry and the hurting Christian. It is written to those whom God has chosen to call His own. God is neither responsible for your pain, nor is He allowing it. In fact, He is against it and wants nothing more than to prevent it. Deep inside every person is a hope that God is good.

Good God unpacks our misguided concepts of God so that we can begin to see Him as he truly is — pure, loving, and completely good. Good God introduces the God that we all want to believe in but have been too afraid to embrace. With the Bible as his guide, Lucas takes readers on a journey to uncover the lost and forgotten nature of the Creator of the Universe and discover a real relationship with God.

Hearing from God has become a laborious process that people have disqualified themselves from. In God Tone you will discover that God has designed us to hear Him as a normal part of our life. You will be encouraged in your identity and inspired in your relationship with Him. What man often complicates, God has simplified through the finished work of His Word—Jesus! You will know that God speaks from His point of view—his Love. Learning to hear from how He defines you gives you the power to be who He made you to be. Hearing from God creates an unseen advantage to implement His plan through who you are not merely what you do.

You will hear the tone in which He speaks to you, which includes His love, logic, and intent for blessing your life. At the heart of any relationship is healthy communication. To communicate vibrantly, we must take confidence in the fact that Jesus has qualified us to hear the God Tone. Divorce is one of the most difficult and divisive subjects for believers. Marriage was designed by God to reflect the oneness we have with Him. We know that He is a God of oneness and reconciliation.

We want to exhaust all possible means toward restoring oneness and reconciliation in marriage. But having said that, does God always insist that His children stay in an abusive, neglectful, or irreconcilably broken marriage at all costs? Does reconciliation necessarily mean that the marriage survives? Does He expect even the innocent victim in a divorce to remain alone forever? Is there such a thing as a graceful divorce?

Why is it we see a person meet Jesus, get born again, begin to bring forth fruit of a changed life, and then we see another person meet Jesus, get born again, and they bring forth little to no fruit? This may have happened to you. I know it happened to me. Why is it we see some people come to Jesus and get delivered from destructive lifestyles and other people seem doomed to remain in bondage?

Why is it we see some people set free from depression, sexual addiction, cutting, self-hatred, eating disorders, drug addictions, alcoholism, anger, lying, cheating, stealing the list goes on and on and some do not? It is a question that has challenged me my entire born again life. If God is the creator of the born-again experience, then why does it appear that some of his handiwork is beautiful and fruitful and others appear to be a flat failure?

Something is wrong; there is a breakdown somewhere. We know there is nothing wrong with God, and if there is nothing wrong with God there can be nothing wrong with his finest work the beautiful work of redemption through Jesus. God is the artist behind the born-again experience, but it appears some of his work is unfruitful. We know that thinking is wrong, so what exactly is the answer? The answer is simple. The answer is easy. The answer is Jesus and his amazing grace.

What The Bible Says

I invite you to come and see how all the things you have been striving so hard to gain and accomplish are easily received in an abundance of grace. Amazing grace keeps us connected and fruitful, not in our strength, but his. Come meet with the One whose presence turns sticky floors into sacred ground.

Francis September Christian, do you know that you are the pure, righteous, and holy bride of Christ, and your Spiritual Bridegroom only has eyes for you? But why stop there. Right now Christ is reigning over all. Believers have not only come under his sway, but we also participate in his royal triumphs. Talk about a complete overhaul that leaves nothing about us ever the same! Is it any wonder, therefore, that the Bible culminates the way it does?

For example, when in risen, ascended, ruling glory Jesus confronts Paul Acts 9 , our Lord not only immediately brings him into eternal life, but at the very same moment he calls Paul to a life-long, world-changing ministry meant to create all kinds of revolutions of grace for people and cities across the empire. Thus, Paul was turned right side up from being a persecutor of the gospel to serving for decades as the chief proclaimer of the gospel. With Peter , we witness how the changes he underwent were like night to day. What was the pivotal moment for Peter?

Peter knew how equally life-changing such amazing grace would be for every Christian, which is why he urges us:. To him be glory both now and forever!

  1. The Signature of Jesus.
  2. 5 Words That Show How God’s Grace Is Far More Amazing Than You Ever Realized!.
  3. A Shorter Summa.

Amen 2 Peter , emphasis added. Grow in grace. You ask: What about saints who lived in Old Testament times? Excellent question. As Peter observed:.

Concerning this salvation, the prophets, who spoke of the GRACE that was to come to you, searched intently and with the greatest care, trying to find out the time and circumstances to which the Spirit of Christ in them was pointing when he predicted the sufferings of the Messiah and the glories that would follow. For example, look how this retroactive grace reconstituted David. And yet, he was living only in the shadowlands of Christ exalted.

Often, I hear Christians praying for our Father to be gracious to them in one or more particular need or circumstance. But when you do, realize that in asking for displays of divine grace you are opening the door for the King of Glory to come into that situation, issue, person, or community to work in such a way that we end up with more than we may have bargained for!

For years the custom of my church has been to conclude every Sunday worship service by joining hands with those around us and reciting over one another a biblical benediction—which doubles as an appeal to heaven. May the radical, life-changing revolution accomplished by the reign of Jesus have its full effect in your life this coming week. May this amazing grace be made infinitely personal to your very core by the indwelling Holy Spirit who turns it into reality for you day by day.

Are you ready to receive the magnificent implications of its answers no matter how many unexpected changes in Christ it brings, no matter where it takes you with Christ in the future, no matter what it costs you for Christ when it is all over? See how the fresh insights of this blog post help expand how you see each text and apply each to your life. Therefore, I pray this benediction over you , dear reader.

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