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The shared language is pictorial as well as verbal, and international, too.

A Midsummer Night’s Fairytale

Or you can compare it to a plant genus, to roses or fungi or grasses, that can seed and root and flower here and there, changing species and colour and size and shape where they spring. But if the prevailing idea of an archetype gives too strong an impression of fixity, the picture-language of fairytale is fluid and shapeshifting: a rose is not a rose, an apple not an apple; a princess or a villain signify far more than what they seem.

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A dictionary of fairytale would look more like a rebus made up of icons: snow, crystal, apples, dark forests, pinnacled castles, mermaids, toads, giants, dragons, sprites, fair princesses, likely lads and crones. Whether in Hong Kong or Tasmania, the comic genie of the lamp, irrepressibly voiced by Robin Williams in the film of Aladdin , can speak to anyone. A consequence of this has been a spate of anti-tales and countertales, inversions and twists, in which writers or film-makers enter the well-known story from a new angle, in order to refresh it.

I knew the story already. I think my mother must have read us the Brothers Grimm version … I remember that I identified particularly strongly with Hansel. At the time I was just beginning to comprehend what it meant to be a stepchild. Working with a plot, a character, images and motifs already familiar to the intended reader or audience gives freedom to retaliate, protest and reinvent.

Often the possibility involves a novel metamorphosis taking place inside the well-known story: the American artist Kiki Smith made a lifesize sculpture, called Daughter , of a furry-faced child in a cloak — the offspring of Red Riding Hood and the wolf. His own imagination is freighted with the fairytales of Scotland as well as classical myths, and he sees the tales as dream work.

The social context keeps making a difference, though, and the stories have to be updated accordingly.

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But this approach has given ground. Like the boy, the audience knows the story: the heroine will be woken from years of charmed sleep by a kiss and will marry her prince and live happily ever after.

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But the Disney spectacular springs a surprise: the kiss fails. Again a supposed intrinsic, archetypal element of a familiar fairy story has been radically altered. The famous Perrault version of dropped a blackout blind over this. By contrast, when Burne-Jones painted his voluptuous cycle Briar Rose he created a vivid and perverse tableau of late Victorian sexual anxiety, depicting many suitors who hang bleeding on the roses in the hedge of thorns after they have attempted to reach the sleeping princess.

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The happy ending of Maleficent took me by surprise and runs against the current trend towards fairytale darkness, shining a beam of security and love on the increasingly common — and fraught — relations of step-families today. None of us do. Every culture was soon busily following suit, recording and setting down the folklore of their ethnic and sometimes linguistic heritage — in ballads, poems, songs, stories.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the trend against national particularity and towards universal homogeneity had set in: the Scotsman Andrew Lang with his coloured Fairy Books Green, Rose, Yellow, etc collected tales from all over the world, ran them through an editing process that made them sound very alike, and in ways that emphasised the common heritage of humanity. Fairytales have lost the innocence that Dickens praised in them so trustingly.

Human, A Fairytale

Hollywood may want to forget villainy but elsewhere, the dreams are no longer rainbow-coloured, the wishful thinking no longer starry-eyed. Gothic, once an independent and exclusive genre, populated by characters of its own vampires, zombies , has spread its barbed and shadowy wings over fairytale.

Although state-controlled newspapers clearly outlined goals to eliminate wolves by depicting them as vicious and insatiable, they also provided information on how to kill them. Dirke effectively demonstrates the link between fairy-tale and journalistic writing regarding wolf attacks, where, surprisingly, both often concluded with a moral for readers. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

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