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Verified Purchase. I love all of Helen Lester's books so had high expectations for this one and it certainly didn't disappoint. I'm a pre-k teacher and expected to use this to teach how words can hurt just as much as physically hurting someone. Believe it or not, bullying and teasing starts very, very early and it's something I wanted to squash early on in my class.

It helped tremendously to get my little ones to understand that, but I loved that the book allowed me to lead into several other lessons as well. Rudy knows how fragile Fragility is and uses it to hurt her feelings just because he feels like it. Good for discussing what bullying is and why someone might bully another person -Whining: As anyone who has or has had a preschooler knows, they're just starting to learn how effective whining can be at getting their way or getting attention. Just before Rudy the bully shows up, Fragility is incredibly lonely because nobody wants to upset her and they're exhausted by her meltdowns.

Far from helping the situation, this instead leads to two very sad, very hurt individuals. Helpful for teaching standing up for one's self instead of stooping down to a bully's level and making positive choices, even when someone else isn't being nice to you. She "mommies" him, wiping away his tears and hugging him until he feels better. Long before reading this book, I'd used this technique in my class the "hurter" taking care of the "hurtee" so he or she can see the effects of his or her actions with great success.

It really struck a cord with my students and helped them understand that even if you make a bad choice, you can still fix it. On top of all this, much like Lester's other books, Hurty Feelings is just plain funny, well written, and fun to read, from the character's names to Fragility's dramatic outbursts to the hilarious accompanying illustrations. Like I said, it lends well to silly and exaggerated voices, which only adds to the great story. January 1, - Published on Amazon.

The book is a funny, but effective, story that explains how words can hurt. What I liked about this the most is that our 6th grader enjoys it. It can be difficult to find a book with this lesson theme that is aimed at more than just young children.

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The humor is a great touch! June 5, - Published on Amazon. I read this book the the K-2 kids when we talked about being assertive and asking people not to call you something even if the other person thinks they are just joking or don't mean the comment as mean. Every time Fragility starts crying, I pause and ask how to be assertive in that situation.

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The vocabulary is probably more grades so I end up explaining some words to the kids or changing them all together depending on the grade level. Overall, I like that there are several lessons you can talk about with kids in this book and its really funny. It is the right length to keep their attention and they all enjoy the story. It's no surprise that her friends grow weary of her theatrics and distance themselves.

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Then lonely Fragility stands up to the neighborhood bully, Rudy the Elephant, and the encounter gives her the confidence and perspective to hear sweetness rather than slights in her friends' remarks. Some children may have trouble following Fragility's delusional leaps as she twists compliments into insults, but Lester enhances the basic story about handling emotions with a satisfying slapstick humor that's beautifully extended in Munsinger's hilarious, wildly expressive illustrations of Fragility in all her moods.

This is a good choice for read-alouds, but prepare for a chorus of listeners joining in with Fragility's whining refrain: You hurt my feeeee lings! Fragility the hippo dissolves into tears at the slightest provocation.

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She is a stalwart soccer goalie, however, and when Rudy the elephant taunts her, hoping to insult her out of the way, she replies in kind--and this time Rudy's feelings are hurt. Munsinger's humorous illustrations deflect any hint of didacticism as the two adversaries begin an unlikely but satisfying friendship. Fragility is a hippo and as such, she is "a solid piece of work," but her feelings are as soft as tofu. A rude comment would sink her faster than a couple pair of cement boots, but she also could read insults in a compliment: "Nice?

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Do you know what else is nice? Cupcakes are nice. So you're comparing me to a squishy cupcake. Such a delicate flower comes across as delightfully mirthful in Lester's tale, though not the consequences of her behavior: The other animals avoid her.

Fortunately, Munsinger's illustrations prop up this teetery tale with a brace of good cheer and well-tempered comedy. Picture book. The not-so-ironically-named Fragility may be one tough hippo, but she can't take a compliment. When told she has sturdy legs, she cries, """"You hurt my feeeeelings!

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  6. A piano has sturdy legs. So you think I have piano legs. PreS-Gr 2-"Fragility was a solid piece of work. Oversensitive Fragility takes offense at even the most gracious comments and usually ends up breaking down in tears, which finally forces her friends to avoid her altogether. It takes real insults from a bully elephant, Rudy, to teach her to be as strong on the inside as she is on the outside, and he learns a thing or two as well.

    The punchy story line will keep children laughing, and Munsinger's characteristic watercolor illustrations bring the tale to life, making Lester's creatures all the more entertaining and enjoyable. Children may recognize characters like these in themselves and in their very own classrooms. Word Count: