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The silent age is a point-and-click puzzle game developed by the Danish studio House on fire, and the publisher was Meredian4. She came out on Steam May 29, Showing the different periods of the life of the main character Joe, the game begins.

The protagonist is a janitor, and for some reason the chief called him to him. Having gone to fulfill his duties, the hero finds the dying old man, who gives the time machine to the protagonist and asks him to find him when he is alive.

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Joe, thinking that the dying person is most likely delirious from blood loss, calls for help, but people come who detain Joe. The main character has an inventory in which items fall. No combination. Janitor Joe. Top Albums. No results were found for that selection. Big Metal Birds. Lucky Janitor Joe. Sort by:. Customer Review Release Date Bestselling.

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Sample this song. Title Artist.

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Boys In Blue. Goal Oriented. African Necklace. Early Retirement. In fact, I would be surprised if he played more then the first 5 levels! A negative point this reviewer put claims '- No reference to the story at all in game. Janitor Joe does find the munchkin and realizes that the munchkin can travel through the walls!!!

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The munchkin is the boss of the game! There is no way the reviewer played through it.

And I spite him for it. The sequal was in production, which included a more realistic plotline where the 'alternate universe' was actually an underground layer, and Joe causes a large explosion inside which allows tatical teams, led by Joe's hip brother into the layer to destroy the munchkins and help Joe escape! I have not worked on the second Janitor Joe for at least 2 years. But maybe, just maybe, I will be reinspired one day, and finish this brilliant game of action and revenge.

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I can't say that for a lot of games. The production quality is about as low grade as is possible, but the curious storyline, and quirky intrigue of this low budget trinket of a game made it enjoying despite itself. And besides, the title screen main theme is just freaking awesome. Wow, I've believed that one for a year and a half, good going!

I actually thought that, since YoYo Games launched their website properly shortly before this spotlight, everyone was submitting their games there instead of here. My mistake, obviously. I found I myself embarrased while I played it Show 27 more comments.

For example: You can do the game information in a room as drawing text instead of the original way. It was an April Fool's joke.

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I figure 28 days is long enough to let you stew. This game shows just how far our standards have dropped. My only hope is that this truly was intended as an April Fool's Day joke, and not as an actual review. This site really has gone downhill. And with this, I take my leave. Happy April fools day everyone. Replace the This kind of game is hardly work reviewing.