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Sandy Bruning, thank you for your positive comment on my blog. I'm glad you are still using the prayer cloth. You are welcome to join us at either 8 or on Sunday morning. Our new minister, Pastor Dave Buckner has anointed and energizing sermons, and the music is wonderful.

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Comments 4. Jesus is alive! After the brutal death of Jesus, people who believed His teachings were dazed, filled with shock and disbelief. Fear and panic froze people from leaving their locked doors thinking they may be executed next. Yes, Jesus was alive, but what will happen next?

The Age of Instant Answers

After announcing the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, Luke's next story describes two disciples walking seven miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus in deep discussion concerning the events of the past three days. Jesus joins them and asks what is their excitement. They were so shocked that he didn't know what had happened, they stopped walking to examine this man. God prevented them from identifying Jesus. This, then, is our reason for hope: Not only does God refuse to abandon us, he chooses to attend to us even when we show no evidence of his efforts.

Next week's Gospel will give an even clearer picture of the kind of mercy that God shows to us. Making the Connection Grades 1, 2, and 3. Younger children often think of God as a provider and a protector. They will take comfort in knowing that God never gives up on us and never stops loving us.

Older children can sometimes be perfectionists with themselves, showing impatience as they strive to incorporate all the skills and qualities that they are learning. We can encourage their spiritual progress by reminding them that God doesn't give up on us. He actively attends to us, bearing with us in patience and hope. Show a spring flower in bloom, such as a tulip or a daffodil. Ask what this flower looked like in the fall if a flower bulb is readily available, show it. Ask if anyone planted flower bulbs in the fall. If someone has planted some, ask that person: What were you thinking about when you put the bulbs into the ground?

Have you seen any blossoms from the bulbs that you planted? Say: Planting bulbs in the ground in the fall so that flowers will bloom in the spring shows a number of character traits or qualities. What might some of these qualities be? Introduce today's Gospel. Say: In today's Gospel, we hear a parable that also calls us to think about these qualities.

Let's listen carefully to this parable so that we can consider these qualities that God shows towards us. Ask: What did the orchard owner propose to do with the fig tree? Accept all reasonable answers. Say: God is patient with us, even when we turn away from him and sin. God is always hopeful that we will ask for his forgiveness. God doesn't give up on us. Instead, God continually reaches out to us, helping us to become the people that he intends for us to be.

During Lent, we remember that God helps us—reaching out to us with love, patience, and hopefulness that we will return to him in love.

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Young people often show impatience with themselves, and so they need to be reminded about the virtues of patience and hope. We can encourage their spiritual progress by reminding them that God doesn't give up on us; he actively reaches out to us, bearing with us in patience and hope.

Show items that are collected for recycling, e. Say: People used to throw these items into the trash because, after they had served their purpose, they were considered garbage. What are we more likely to do with these things now? They are processed so that they can be manufactured into other products. Say: In order to create new products from these old ones, we must do something to create the change. We look beyond the appearance of the object to be recycled to see what it might yet become.

Say: In today's Gospel, Jesus tells a parable about a barren fig tree. After listening to this Gospel, we'll consider what it tells us about how God works with us. It was not bearing fruit. What did the gardener propose?

Unknown years of Jesus

Do you think recycling is an analogy that makes a similar point? Why or why not? God is always hopeful that we will ask his forgiveness. Instead, God continually attends to us, helping us to become the people that he intends for us to be.

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During Lent, we remember that God helps us, reaching out to us with love, patience, and hopefulness that we will return to him in love.