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This hardback book will appeal to pet owners and non-pet owners alike, and is certainly one of our favourite books of so far. Beautifully illustrated by Nicola L Robinson, who also illustrated our companion volume Barking Mad — a must for anyone who has the purr Sport can be downright odd! Think of a tennis court and its scoring system. Or the organised chaos of a rugby scrum.

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Or just about everything to do with cricket. Catch a crab: To make a faulty stroke, and send yourself and the shell boat off balance. The loss of time and rhythm can prove costly.

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Coxswain cox : The mouthy little fella or lass in the shell who faces in the direction of travel and barks orders at the giants pulling on oars. Coxes steer too, and often get thrown in the drink if the team wins. This quirky guide will teach you how to learn the lingo and speak fluent sport. Amaze friends as you learn your snatch from your jerk, your tika-taka from your kizzle kazzle and your dink from your bonk! Hilariously illustrated by Oliver Preston this is clearly one for the Christmas stocking. Test your knowledge on every page of this catalogue with question on the left and answer on the right.

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The medal-winning boats can usually force a smile or wave at the crowds once they cross the finishing line. But for the losers, the expression of physical exhaustion and abject misery that all their training over the last four years has brought them nothing more than a pat on the back, is written large. The best teams will do the same stroke, over and over, harder and harder, in better synch than the others. There are two types: sweep with one oar and sculling with two , split into lightweight less than The sweepers compete in pairs, fours and eights, while the scullers are individual, in doubles or quads.

Boats tend to start fast, setting a quick, rhythmic stroke about 40 per minute , then try to find enough in the tank to sprint for home. There is mental racing pressure from watching your opponents take a lead or fall behind.

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Do you trust your strategy or hit the panic button? Some coffee table books lie untouched, this is one that you will constantly pick up. A perfect Christmas present. The book is comprehensive, ranging from deer stalking to shooting rabbits and wood pigeons. It should definitely be on the bookshelves of sportsmen, and it would make an ideal present for a shooting companion.

A lovely gift. Complete beginners will find all they need to know presented in a simple step-by-step format, whilst even experienced smokers will find some useful information and tips.

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You only need to buy one guide to smoking your own food and this is it. From the Inverawe Smoke House — a beautifully illustrated and delightful smoked food recipe book. The traditions, the camaraderie and the craic of the shooting lunch — ideal for a shooting friend. Big bragging points.

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It is truly a treasure. This revised second edition has been extended and modernised with updated photography, recently released stalking equipment and an additional hunting story. Some praise for The Keen Shot's Miscellany: "Holt's book draws from a bewildering array of sources to assemble seemingly random data for the shooter's entertainment and enlightenment. If you like this sort of book, then you will love this. The book has something in it to interest anyone with even a passing interest in shooting.

Buy it for a heart warming laugh after a cold day in the field. Perfect for the shooting man or woman who likes to dip in and out of a book.

There are recipes, odd sayings and eccentric tales.