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Contents Contents:. Grade Kindergarten. Thank you for your input. C Grade 1 1. English Grade One W. No standards associated with this content. English Language Arts Grade 1 4. English Level 1 W. Which set of standards are you looking for? Students will be able to use invented spelling to create a list poem for Valentine's Day. Introduction 5 minutes. Tell students that every February we celebrate Valentine's Day by giving cards and gifts, such as candy and flowers, to those we love. Explain to students that one of the biggest Valentine's Day traditions is to write a Valentine's Day card.

Ask students to raise their hands if they have ever written a Valentine's Day card. Who did they give them to? Explain to students that today they will be making a Valentine's Day card for someone they love. Tell students that inside the card they are going to write a list of 10 things they love about the person they are giving the card to. Tell students that this will be the title for their writing, and it describes what their writing is about.

Number the chart paper from Explain to students that they will be writing one thing they love about their person on the line next to each number. Explain to students that as they are writing their lists they will be using invented spelling. Remind students that using invented spelling means making their best guess about spelling words using what they know about letters and letter sounds.

Guided Practice 10 minutes. Ask students to think about someone they love, to whom they would like to give this Valentine's card. Tell students to think about what it is they love about that person. For example, do they love the way they smell? The way they take care of them? Their eyes? Have students turn to a neighbor and share one idea from their list and to give you a thumbs up when they are done sharing.

Call on a volunteer to come up to the chart paper to share one of their ideas. Support the student to use invented spelling by helping them stretch their word out, isolate sounds, and write the sounds they hear on the chart paper. Have students share the pen by calling on another volunteer to come up to the chart paper to write their idea on the list.

Continue this process until all 10 spaces on the list have been filled in. Independent working time 20 minutes. Hand out and preview the List Poem: A 10 Things Valentine worksheet for students to complete independently. Walk around the room to support students with their invented spelling. Tell students that when they are done writing their lists they can glue them down on construction paper and decorate their construction paper using markers.

Download to read more. Assessment 10 minutes.

Distribute whiteboards to each student. Ask for a volunteer to name one of the items from their list. Model for the students how to stretch out the word, isolate the sounds, and write down the letters that they hear on their whiteboards. Continue calling on volunteers to name items from their lists.

Ask students to independently use invented spelling to write the name of this item on their whiteboards. Ask students to hold up their whiteboards after writing so that you can check their use of invented spelling. Review and closing 5 minutes.

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Tell students that Valentine's Day is on February 14, and on that day they should give their card to the special person they made it for. Ask for student volunteers to share their lists and show how they decorated their cards. Remind students to be respectful listeners as their classmates are reading their work aloud. Related learning resources.

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Let me count the ways. In this Valentine's Day lesson, students will practice using invented spelling to write a love list for someone titled "10 Things I Love About You. Wish Lists for Santa. In this writing lesson, students will practice using invented spelling to write Christmas wish lists to Santa. List Poem: A 10 Things Valentine.

This Valentine's Day printable let's your child express himself with some fun writing practice.