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Our releases cover both catalogue reissues and inspiring new works from artists with a fine history and heritage. Exotica Welcome to Exotica, a label quietly obsessed with the strangest, craziest and greatest cover versions of Beatles records ever made. FiveFour Welcome to FiveFour. In North America, there are three species of elm bark beetles: one native, Hylurgopinus rufipes "native elm bark beetle" ; and two invasive, Scolytus multistriatus "smaller European elm bark beetle" and Scolytus schevyrewi "banded elm bark beetle".

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Although intensive feeding by elm bark beetles can kill weakened trees, [13] their main impact is as vectors of Dutch elm disease. American elm is also moderately preferred for feeding and reproduction by the adult elm leaf beetle Xanthogaleruca luteola [14] and highly preferred for feeding by the Japanese beetle Popillia japonica [15] in the United States. However, the condition is far less serious, and afflicted trees should recover the following year. Dutch elm disease is a fungal disease that has ravaged the American elm, causing catastrophic die-offs in cities across the range.

It has been estimated that only approximately 1 in , American elm trees is Dutch elm disease-tolerant, most known survivors simply having escaped exposure to the disease. The trees there were spared because of the grove's isolation in such an intensely urban setting.

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The American elm is particularly susceptible to disease because the period of infection often coincides with the period, approximately 30 days, of rapid terminal growth when new springwood vessels are fully functional. Spores introduced outside of this period remain largely static within the xylem and are thus relatively ineffective. The American elm's biology in some ways has helped to spare it from obliteration by the Dutch elm disease, in contrast to what happened to the American chestnut with the chestnut blight.

The elm's seeds are largely wind-dispersed, and the tree grows quickly and begins bearing seeds at a young age. It grows well along roads or railroad tracks, and in abandoned lots and other disturbed areas, where it is highly tolerant of most stress factors. Elms have been able to survive and to reproduce in areas where the disease had eliminated old trees, although most of these young elms eventually succumb to the disease at a relatively young age.

There is some reason to hope that these elms will preserve the genetic diversity of the original population, and that they eventually will hybridize with Dutch elm disease-resistant varieties that have been developed or that occur naturally. After 20 years of research, American scientists first developed Dutch elm disease-resistant strains of elms in the late s. Elms in forest and other natural areas have been less affected by Dutch Elm Disease than trees in urban environments due to lower environmental stress from pollution and soil compaction and due to occurring in smaller, more isolated populations.

Fungicidal injections can be administered to valuable American elms, to prevent infection. Such injections generally are effective as a preventive measure for up to three years when performed before any symptoms have appeared, but may be ineffective once the disease is evident. In the 19th and early 20th century, American elm was a common street and park tree owing to its tolerance of urban conditions, rapid growth, and graceful form.

This however led to extreme overplanting of the species, especially to form living archways over streets, which ultimately produced an unhealthy monoculture of elms that had no resistance to disease and pests. Elms do not naturally form pure stands and trees used in landscaping were grown from a handful of cultivars, causing extremely low genetic diversity. Werthner, discussing the contrast between open-grown and forest-grown American elms, noted that:. In the open, with an abundance of air and light, the main trunk divides into several leading branches which leave the trunk at a sharp angle and continue to grow upward, gradually diverging, dividing and subdividing into long, flexible branchlets whose ends, at last, float lightly in the air, giving the tree a round, somewhat flattened top of beautifully regular proportions and characteristically fine twiggery.

It is this distinctive growth form that is so valued in the open-grown American elms of street plantings, lawns, and parks; along most narrower streets, elms planted on opposite sides arch and blend together into a leafy canopy over the pavement. However, elms can assume many different sizes and forms depending on the location and climate zone. The classic vase-shaped elm was mainly the result of selective breeding of a few cultivars and is much less likely to occur in naturally grown trees.

Lafayette Street, Salem, MA. American elm, Old Deerfield, MA Girth American elm, Massachusetts American Elm in Massachusetts June American elm, Massachusetts , with octopus-like limbs. American Elm in Johnstown, NY. Now deceased.

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Girth over This tree died in Girth 13 ft at 4. American elms have been planted in North America beyond its natural range as far north as central Alberta , and south to Lake Worth , Florida. It also survives low desert heat at Phoenix, Arizona. Introductions across the Atlantic rarely prospered, even before the outbreak of Dutch elm disease. Introduced to the UK by James Gordon [3] in , the American elm was noted to be far more susceptible to insect foliage damage than native elms. Introduced to Australasia , the tree was listed by Australian nurseries in the early 20th century.

Numerous cultivars have been raised, originally for their aesthetic merit but more recently for their resistance to Dutch elm disease [24] The total number of named cultivars is circa 45, at least 18 of which have probably been lost to cultivation as a consequence of Dutch elm disease or other factors:. The National Elm Trial , begun in , is currently evaluating 19 hybrid and species cultivars in scientific plantings across the United States to better assess their strengths and weaknesses. The few disease-resistant selections made available to the public as yet include 'Valley Forge' , 'New Harmony' , 'Princeton' , 'Jefferson' , and a set of six different clones collectively known as 'American Liberty'.

A later test performed in — confirmed the disease resistance of these same three varieties, and that of 'Jefferson'. Thus far, plantings of these four varieties generally appear to be successful. However, longer-term studies of 'Princeton' in Europe and the United States have suggested that the cultivar's resistance to DED may be limited see Pests and diseases of 'Princeton'. In , approximately 90 'Princeton' elms were planted along Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House [27] and to date are healthy and thriving.

In , the 'Elm Recovery Project' [28] from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, reported that cuttings from healthy surviving old elms surveyed across Ontario had been grown to produce a bank of resistant trees, isolated for selective breeding of highly resistant cultivars.

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Thousands of attempts to cross the American elm with the Siberian elm U. Success was finally achieved with the autumn-flowering Chinese elm Ulmus parvifolia by the late Prof. Eugene Smalley towards the end of his career at the University of Wisconsin—Madison after he overcame the problem of keeping Chinese elm pollen alive until spring. Other artificial hybridizations with American elm are rare, and now regarded with suspicion.

Two such alleged successes by the nursery trade were 'Hamburg' , and 'Kansas Hybrid' , both with Siberian elm Ulmus pumila. However, given the repeated failure with the two species by research institutions, it is now believed that the "American elm" in question was more likely to have been the red elm, Ulmus rubra. The American elm's wood is coarse, hard, and tough, with interlacing, contorted fibers that make it difficult to split or chop, and cause it to warp after sawing.

Young twigs and branchlets of the American elm have tough, fibrous bark that has been used as a tying and binding material, even for rope swings for children, and also for making whips. A fair number of mostly small to medium-sized American elms survive nowadays in woodlands, suburban areas, and occasionally cities, where most often the survivors had been relatively isolated from other elms and thus spared a severe exposure to the fungus. For example, in Central Park and Tompkins Square Park in New York City , [34] stands of several large elms originally planted by Frederick Law Olmsted survive because of their isolation from neighboring areas in New York where there had been heavy mortality.

The Olmsted-designed park system in Buffalo, NY [35] did not fare as well. Rutgers University has preserved 55 mature elms on and in the vicinity of Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey in addition to seven disease-resistant trees that have been planted in this area of the campus in recent years. The largest surviving urban forest of American elms in North America is believed to be in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada, where close to , elms remain.

The Treaty Elm, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. In what is now Penn Treaty Park , the founder of Pennsylvania , William Penn , is said to have entered into a treaty of peace in with the native Lenape Turtle Clan under a picturesque elm tree immortalized in a painting by Benjamin West. West made the tree, already a local landmark, famous by incorporating it into his painting after hearing legends of unknown veracity about the tree being the location of the treaty. No documentary evidence exists of any treaty Penn signed beneath a particular tree.

On March 6, a great storm blew the tree down. Measurements taken at the time showed it to have a circumference of 24 feet 7.

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Wood from the tree was made into furniture, canes, walking sticks and various trinkets that Philadelphians kept as relics. The Liberty Tree , an elm on Boston Common in Boston , Massachusetts , was a rallying point for the growing resistance to the rule of England over the American colonies. The Washington Elm, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The tree survived until the s and "was thought to be a survivor of the primeval forest".

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In , a large branch fell from it and was used to construct a pulpit for a nearby church. The city of Cambridge had plans for it to be "carefully cut up and a piece sent to each state of the country and to the District of Columbia and Alaska," according to The Harvard Crimson. A Harvard "professor of plant anatomy" examined the tree rings days after the tree was felled and pronounced it between and years old, making it at most 62 years old when Washington took command of the troops at Cambridge.

The cutting was planted, cuttings were then taken from it, including one planted on February 18, , the th anniversary of the birth of George Washington, for whom Washington state is named. That tree remains on the campus of the Washington State Capitol. Just to the west of the tree is a small elm from a cutting made in George Washington's Elm, Washington, D.

George Washington supposedly had a favorite spot under an elm tree near the United States Capitol Building from which he would watch construction of the building. The elm stood near the Senate wing of the Capitol building until Another notable American elm, named Herbie , was the tallest American elm in New England until it was cut down on January 19, , after it succumbed to Dutch elm disease.

The tree stood in Yarmouth, Maine , where it was cared for by the town's tree warden, Frank Knight. When cut down, Herbie was years old. Herbie's wood is of interest to dendroclimatologists , who will use cross-sections of the trunk to help answer questions about climate during the tree's lifetime. New York City's Central Park is home to approximately 1, American elms, which constitute over half of all trees in the park.

The oldest of these elms were planted during the s by Frederick Law Olmsted , making them among the oldest stands of American elms in the world. The trees are particularly noteworthy along the Mall and Literary Walk, where four lines of American elms dramatically stretch over the walkway forming a cathedral-like covering.

The elms are an important part of New York City's ecology by improving air and water quality, reducing erosion and flooding, and lowering the air temperature during the hottest days of the year. While the stand is still vulnerable to the highly contagious Dutch elm disease, in the s the Central Park Conservancy undertook aggressive countermeasures such as heavy pruning and removal of extensively diseased trees.

These efforts have largely been successful in saving the majority of the trees, although several are still lost each year. Younger American elms which have been planted in Central Park since the outbreak are of the ' Princeton ' and ' Valley Forge ' variety of Dutch elm disease-resistant elms. The Glencorradale Elm on Prince Edward Island , Canada, is a surviving wild elm believed to be several hundred years old. An American elm located in a parking lot directly across the street from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City survived the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, that killed people and destroyed the Murrah building.

Damaged in the blast, with fragments lodged in its trunk and branches, it was nearly cut down in efforts to recover evidence. However, nearly a year later the tree began to bloom. Then known as the Survivor Tree, it became an important part of the Oklahoma City National Memorial , and is featured prominently on the official logo of the memorial. The tree grew for approximately a century next to a statue of John A.

Despite protests from Ottawa area environmentalists and resistance from Opposition Members of Parliament the tree was removed in April to make way for new Centre Block renovations. The nobility and arching grace of the American Elm in its heyday, on farms, in villages, in towns and on campuses, were celebrated in the books of photographs of Wallace Nutting Massachusetts Beautiful , N. Frederick Childe Hassam is notable among painters who have depicted American Elm.

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