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The more I listen, the more I realise that every possible combination of romantic stories is for sale here. If you want to read about a gynaecologist who has lost his arms, there will be a book. If you want to read about a typist who has lost her legs, there will be a book.

They publish novels a year. The hero will always be attractive. He will always have a basic integrity because he has to be a man the reader can love. He is always difficult initially but there is always a reason why he is difficult. But, prodded by the heroine, who cannot smoke or admit to multiple lovers, he will be redeemed. And so she is empowered. She is a saviour.

Smoke River Bride (Mills & Boon Historical)

I still keep expecting to be given the formula. Where is it? The scenarios can be outrageous. But they must be characters the readers can believe in. Then I have a mad conversation with some women from the editorial department. First I say I want a war correspondent hero who doesn't trust women because the girl he loved was blown up in Sierra Leone. They blink politely. Then I say I want a billionaire newspaper proprietor who my journalist heroine falls in love with but they can't be together because he votes Conservative and she votes Labour.

More blinks. Then I want to set something in rehab. I feel they are knocking my ideas down. They take this incredibly seriously. They say things like "Mediterranean hero equals passion" and "Billionaire sells" in the same tone you would say, "Your father is dead.

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They are selling dried goods. In fact, the managing director, Guy Hallowes, is leaving soon, to be replaced by Jane Ferguson, the woman who runs Ryvita.

You eat them. I walk out of the office and ignore everything they have told me. I don't read 50 current books. I read three.

And I realise I hate the characters. I call it Abducted by Reality. The men are appalling. They are always saying things like, "You are a stupid little fool! So I decide to talk to some. One of them says she has five university degrees. You escape to another place and another world. I am now a little chastened. So I sit down to write.

But I find I can't do the sample chapter and synopsis.

Sylvia Andrew. Diane Gaston. Isabelle Goddard. Mary Brendan. Bronwyn Scott.

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She was a professional editor for plus years, taught high school English and upon early retirement in , she began writing fiction. She found it wasn't easy. How-to books, workshops, conferences and sweaty hours with pen in hand finally led to a completed novel, which was rejected. An amateur pianist and harpsichordist, Lynna performs on harp, psaltery and percussion instruments in a medieval music ensemble. She enjoys hearing from her readers; you may write directly to P.

Box , Felton CA , or e-mail carolynw cruzio. You can also visit Lynna's Web site at www. Copyright spectro. Lynna Banning Wybranka templariusza. Lynna Banning The Hired Man. Lynna Banning Wildwood. Frank Lesslie King Kings guide to Wildwood. Clyde a.

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Weber Church in the Wildwood. Sermons and Prayers by a Lay Leader. Lynna Banning Smoke River Bride.

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Lynna Banning Plum Creek Bride. Wildwood by Lynna Banning - goodreads. Lynna Banning - amazon. Lynna Banning - Reviews and Interviews "Lynna Banning writes a story so good it stays with you long after the last page is turned Lynna Banning Smoke River Family. Lynna Banning Her Sheriff Bodyguard.

Lynna Banning Printer In Petticoats. But such forbidden passion might be their undoing… Leroy F. Banning Banning Branches. Revised Edition.