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He motioned to the woman beside him. We met at the library and I mentioned your boxcar. I hope you don't mind that I came. She nudged Claire.

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Purple was her favorite. Claire smiled. Once again, Benny led the way to the backyard, with Watch at his heels. As the boxcar came into view, Amelia's face lit up. Professor Murray rolled open the door, and Amelia followed him inside. The children stayed outside with Watch. We couldn't bring her with us, though—my Aunt Flo's allergic.

I'd like that," said Claire. Amelia stepped out of the boxcar, a big smile on her face. Oh, no," Amelia laughed.

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That's all. Amelia smiled mysteriously. Her face had a distant look, as if she was deep in thought. Benny's question seemed to shake Amelia out of her thoughts. I was just trying to picture a family living in here. Just then, Professor Murray emerged from the boxcar. They could put it on display and make sure it isn't damaged.

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Talk it over with your grandfather, will you? They didn't think they could ever give their boxcar away. But they didn't want to be rude, so Jessie said, "We'll think about it. Claire looked up from patting Watch. Watch was wagging his tail, enjoying all the attention. Claire gave him one last pat, then stood up reluctantly and ran to catch up with her father. He was leaving soon for a business trip. While I'm gone, I know you'll all help Mrs.

McGregor take care of things. Alden said, surprised. He said it's too valuable for kids to use as a playhouse," Jessie explained. I'm sure it's perfectly safe here. They'd known Grandfather would understand. Alden checked his watch. McGregor," said Mr.

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Alden over his shoulder as he headed out to the garage. The children smiled. Somehow they couldn't quite picture Mrs. McGregor out in the yard playing soccer. The children spent the afternoon in the boxcar playing board games. When Mrs. McGregor called them in for dinner, they put the games away neatly and tucked the chairs under the table. As they stepped out of the boxcar, Benny felt some raindrops on his face.

Then they all ran to the house to eat. It rained all through dinner, and while the Aldens washed the dishes, and when they were getting ready for bed, too.

It was still raining when Jessie read Benny two chapters in his book before tucking him into bed. The book was a mystery story, Benny's favorite kind. Jessie and Benny talked about the suspects in the book and who the bad guy might be. Now it's bedtime. It's definitely time for bed. Jessie smoothed Benny's blanket and turned off the light. Benny lay on his side, listening to the rain falling outside. He thought about his book and wondered whether the man next door really was the bad guy. He thought about all the characters, wishing Jessie had read just a little bit more.

He wondered what would happen in the next chapter. Benny shifted onto his other side and thought about Professor Murray and what he had said about the boxcar. Did Professor Murray really think the boxcar was haunted? Was that why he didn't think the Aldens should play in it? Just then, Benny heard a noise outside.

He sat up in bed. What was that? He went quickly to the window and looked out. The backyard was dark. But then Benny spotted something that made him gasp.

Henry was lying in bed, reading a book. He looked up, surprised. What is it? Did you have a bad dream? Professor Murray was right! Henry put down the book and struggled to stop Benny from yanking on his arm. Hang on! I saw a light. There was nothing there. Keep watching.

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I'm sure it will come back. All rights reserved. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are orphans. Determined to make it on their own, the. English Language Arts , Reading. Novel Study. This is literature study packet for The Boxcar Children. This packet includes pages that focus on various reading strategies including comprehension questions, visualization, vocabulary, and character studies. This packet would be most appropriate for grades English Language Arts , Reading , Literature.

Activities , Handouts , Novel Study. The Boxcar Children Book 3 Unit. Questions for each chapter beginning with who, what, when, why, where, and how2. Proofread and write worksheet with four items after each chapter3. Response forms for students4. Answers for the teacherClick here to. Reading , Grammar , Thanksgiving. It has multiple tasks, including identifying characters, defining vocabulary, and identifying true and false statements.

Version B, a slight variation of Version A, is also available. It contains the same. Examinations - Quizzes , Study Guides. Version A, a slight variation of Version B, is also available. It contains the same in. The Boxcar Children. This novel study divides The Boxcar Children into two sections for study.

The chapters are grouped as follows: Chapter , The Boxcar Children novel. Worksheets , Novel Study , Printables. There are many ways to use these resources. Copy as an entire packet, or copy pages individually. Perfect for a small book club or the whole class! Inside you will find:About the Author Research Activi.

Activities , Novel Study , Printables. Boxcar Children Literature Packet. The Boxcar Children Literature Packet is the perfect way to guide small groups of 2nd or 3rd graders through this classic book. In this newly revised packet you'll find: -Meeting and Discussion guide set up to cover the book in 5 meetings which can cover 3 to 5 weeks, depending on meeting. Balanced Literacy , Reading , Reading Strategies.

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