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He practiced healing of the soul as well as the body through incantations, and also had a gift for prophecy. He wore simple Scythian clothing and was held in high regard in Greece for his honesty and simplicity. Abaris learned his healing skills after fleeing a plague at Caucasus in his homeland of Hyperborea. With what he learned from the experience, he was able to purify Sparta and Knossos and several other cities. His ability to reason and his persuasive manner helped him to steer a former tyrant, Phalaris, towards a virtuous life after a long discussion of divine matters.

Abaris was able to read omens and predict future events by examining the entrails of animals, and his deeds are mentioned in the Scythian Oracles.

Abaris the Hyperborean

Leto , a female Titan, traveled to the island of Delos from Hyperborea along with her pack of wolves to give birth to Apollo, with aid from Eileithyia who came from the northern realm. The Hyperboreans sent five men and several female priestesses as pilgrims to the island to form a shrine, but the maidens were raped and killed, which caused the Hyperboreans to end the pilgrimage and choose to deliver offerings and messages through neighboring tribes instead.

The oracle of Apollo at Delphi is another major shrine in Hyperborea. The Hyperboreans made the temples located at the shrine from beeswax and feathers. At the time the Gauls attempted to sack the temple , phantom spirits of the pilgrim prophets appeared and chased the army from Hyperborea.

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Hyperborea and the Quest for Mystical Enlightenment

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A 'Prisca Theologia' of European Paganism

Home if you get lost Mythology the greek myths! Never the Muse is absentfrom their ways: lyres clash and flutes cry and everywhere maiden choruses whirling.

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Neither disease nor bitter old age is mixed in their sacred blood; far from labor and battle they live. The descriptions of Hyperborea suggest it was a perfect land. There, the sun shines twenty-four hours a day. This description of Hyperborea has led some authors to suggest that Hyperborea may have been an area of land referred to in ancient times that was located somewhere within the Arctic Circle. According to ancient accounts of Hyperborea, the sun supposedly rose and set only once a year in Hyperborea. Certain esoteric belief systems and spiritual traditions suggest that Hyperborea was the terrestrial and celestial beginning of civilization.

It was considered the original homeplace of the gods, and some authors even suggest it may have been the original garden of Eden, the point where the earthly and heavenly planes meet. Curiously, the Ural mountains in Russia are home to a number of massive, ancient structures, which some say were built by a race of giants. Interestingly, the Ural Mountains are famous not only because of their megalithic sites and lost civilizations that have kept scientists busy for years but the region is also incredibly famous for a number of so-called out-of-place-artifacts that have been recovered in the area.

Yet neither ship nor marching feet may find the wondrous way to the gatherings of the Hyperborean people. Yet was it with these that Perseus the warrior chief once feasted, entering their homes, and chanced upon their sacrifices unto the god, those famous offerings of hecatombs of asses; for in their banquets and rich praise Apollon greatly delights, and laughs to see the rampant lewdness of those brutish beasts. Nor is the Mousa Muse a stranger to their life, but on all sides the feet of maidens dancing, the full tones of the lyre and pealing flutes are all astir; with leaves of gleaming laurel bound upon their hair, they throng with happy hearts to join the revel.

Conway Greek lyric C5th B. Once a year, Apollo — the solar son and youthful aspect of Zeus — was believed by the Greeks to leave Hellas and go far to the north to visit a place they called Hyperborea. This land of Hyperborea was believed by the ancient Greeks to lie for all intents and purposes due north on the far shores of world-encircling Okeanos , so it was therefore a place where strange and ancient things might be discovered and glimpses of purer and holier ancient ways of life might be had.

By the same association it lay in closer proximity to the aether or spiritual world among which the dead and the divine spirits dwelled. In some Greek legends e. The solar god Apollo was deemed as with many of his kind to have a place of resort far away which he retreated to in winter, as befits the seasonal drama of. Such a belief demonstrates that the cult of Apollon engendered a seperate mythos to the agrarian-chthonic drama of Demeter-Hades-Persephone-Dionysus.

Greek historian Herodotus Histories 4. And, I think, even they say nothing; for if they did, then the Scythians, too, would have told, just as they tell of the one-eyed men.

But the Delians [from Delos] say much more about them than any others do. From Dodona they come down to the Melian gulf, and are carried across to Euboia, and one city sends them on to another until they come to Karystos; after this, Andros is left out of their journey, for Karystians carry them to Tenos, and Tenians to Delos. Thus they say these offerings come to Delos.

The Races of Hyperborea

But on the first journey, the Hyperboreans sent two maidens bearing the offerings, to whom the Delians give the names Hyperokhe and Laodike, and five men of their people with them as escort for safe conduct, those who are now called Perpherees and greatly honored at Delos. But when those whom they sent never returned, they took it amiss that they should be condemned always to be sending people and not getting them back, and so they carry the offerings, wrapped in straw, to their borders, and tell their neighbours to send them on from their own country to the next; and the offerings, it is said, come by this conveyance to Delos.

I can say of my own knowledge that there is a custom like these offerings; namely, that when the Thrakian and Paionian women sacrifice to the Royal Artemis, they have straw with them while they sacrifice. I know that they do this. The Delian girls and boys cut their hair in honor of these Hyperborean maidens, who died at Delos ; the girls before their marriage cut off a tress and lay it on the tomb, wound around a spindle this tomb is at the foot of an olive-tree, on the left hand of the entrance of the temple of Artemis ; the Delian boys twine some of their hair around a green stalk, and lay it on the tomb likewise.

Liber esse, scientiam acquirere, veritatem loqui

In this way, then, these maidens are honored by the inhabitants of Delos. These same Delians relate that two virgins, Arge and Opis , came from the Hyperboreans by way of the aforesaid peoples to Delos earlier than Hyperokhe and Laodike; these latter came to bring to Eileithyia [i.

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Artemis] the tribute which they had agreed to pay for easing child-bearing; but Arge and Opis, they say, came with the gods themselves [i. Apollon and Artemis], and received honors of their own from the Delians. For the women collected gifts for them, calling upon their names in the hymn made for them by Olen of Lykia; it was from Delos that the islanders and Ionians learned to sing hymns to Opis and Arge, calling upon their names and collecting gifts this Olen, after coming from Lycia, also made the other and ancient hymns that are sung at Delos.

Furthermore, they say that when the thighbones are burnt in sacrifice on the altar, the ashes are all cast on the burial-place of Opis and Arge, behind the temple of Artemis, looking east, nearest the refectory of the people of Keos. I have said this much of the Hyperboreans, and let it suffice; for I do not tell the story of that Abaris , alleged to be a Hyperborean , who carried the arrow over the whole world, fasting all the while.

But if there are men beyond the north wind Boreas , then there are others beyond the south. And I laugh to see how many have before now drawn maps of the world, not one of them reasonably; for they draw the world as round as if fashioned by compasses, encircled by the Okeanos river, and Asia and Europe of a like extent.