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We certainly do not want to misrepresent Roman Catholic theology, but we must ask how it is possible for the Mass to not be a re-sacrifice of Christ when the Mass is called a divine sacrifice CCC , that is done over and over again. We are told that "the sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the Eucharist are one single sacrifice"; CCC , ; that it is an unbloody offering that is propitiatory, CCC , ; that it can make reparation of sins, CCC , ; and is to be considered a true and proper sacrifice The Catholic Encyclopedia , topic: "Sacrifice of the Mass".

We must conclude that it is a sacrifice that occurs over and over again; and since it is said to be a true and proper sacrifice that is propitiatory, then logically it must be a re-sacrifice of Christ. If it is not, then how can it be called a sacrifice of Christ?

Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross and at Mass

Also, how could it be propitiatory if it is not a sacrifice of Christ since it is Christ's offering on the cross that is itself propitiatory? We risk the Roman Catholic saying that the biblical response to their position is a response to a straw man. Typically, the Roman Catholic will say that the Mass is not a re-sacrifice. But it is difficult to conclude otherwise when we examine what the official Roman Catholic documents say.

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Therefore we surmise that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it must be a duck. Likewise, if the Mass is said to be a sacrifice of Christ and is repeated, then we must conclude that it is a continuing sacrifice, a re-sacrifice of Christ since the Catholic Church says that this very sacrifice is propitiatory removes the wrath of God ; and it is only the actual sacrifice of Jesus that can accomplish propitiation. The Bible tells us plenty about the sacrifice of Christ.

Please consider the following verses:. We can see that the Bible tells us Christ offered himself once, and that there is no need for repetition of his sacrifice. The failure of the Roman Catholic Church has been to distort the biblical doctrine of the Lord's Supper into a constant and repetitious sacrifice of Christ.

The priests could go into the holy place, but there was a huge veil that separated it from the holy of holies. In that holy of holies, there was the ark of the covenant, and on top of the ark was the mercy seat and a replica of two cherubs, called cherubim.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

It was thought that God dwelled between the cherubim, and when God looked down into the ark, He saw the Law of Moses that was continually being broken. Once a year, the high priest was allowed to go into the holy of holies. After he had made a sacrifice for his own sins, he would take the blood of an animal and sprinkle it on the mercy seat.

The Sacrifice of Christ

When God looked down on that sacrifice, He no longer saw the Law that had been broken by His people but He saw the blood of that innocent lamb covering the sins of the people. Only one person could make that sacrifice—the high priest. But first, he had to atone for his own sins.

Not only that, he had to go in year after year with the blood of animals.

The Resurrection Proves That God Accepted The Sacrifice of Jesus

Second, one must have a nuanced understanding of time. One must distinguish chronological time from kairotic time as found in Sacred Scripture. In the Bible, chronos refers to chronological time— past, present, and future— specific deeds which have an end point.

With this in mind, we also remember that our Lord commanded, as recorded in the Gospel of St. Luke ff and St. The Last Supper event which is inseparably linked to Good Friday and the resurrection is perpetuated in the Holy Mass for time eternal. The Mass therefore is a memorial.

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In each of the Eucharistic Prayers, the anamnesis or memorial follows the words of consecration, whereby we call to mind the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord.