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More, these were the clothes by which Elijah was recognised. In the Second Book of Kings 2 Kings we read that two messengers came to the king. They told his majesty that, on their way, they met somebody who had a message for the king.

So, John the Baptist is the forerunner. Mark uses a citation from the Old Testament to illustrate that. He says that it is a citation from the prophet Isaiah.

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That may be true for verse 3, but not for verse 2. No, he was not preaching.

That sounds dramatic. But Mark gives the word its dramatic content.

Isaiah "A voice cries: 'In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord'" | Unity

For he uses it only twice in his gospel: at this moment, and His coming reaches beyond Christmas to his cross and resurrection. In the Catholic Church it is a good habit to offer a celebration of repentance during Advent, and to provide an opportunity to confess.

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But there is more. He will - so to speak- wash the spirits of those who confess. He will give them a new spirit. Mark chooses his words carefully. In my opinion, he announces that new spirit already in verse 4, where he says that John was proclaiming a baptism of repentance. He who is coming after him will give us a new spirit, which will make s us change our minds. It is sort of cliffhanger. So he makes us curious about the person of Jesus. What will be his other way of thinking? But we probably know enough of the gospel to realize that Jesus reproached his religious countrymen for being so eager to keep the Law that they had forgotten about mercy, charity and forgiveness.

Saint John left, in blue garment is baptizing.

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The nudity of those who are baptized, symbolizes that - with their clothes - they take off their bad habits. After the bath into the water, they are ready to receive new, clean clothes, symbol of the new spirit that will be brought by the one who is coming after John.

Read the gospel text slowly, several times, and — if possible — aloud. What words catch your attention? What do you feel they are saying to you here and now, in your particular situation, in our time? Michel de Verteuil of Trinidad. I feel humbled and very much look forward to being of service to His Holiness and the Church. Forgotten your password?

Gospel Reflections A voice cries in the wilderness. Other readings: Isaiah , Psalm 84 85 2 Peter Recent Reflections.